Delhi Development Authority Approves Proposal For Installation Of EV Charging Stations At Petrol Pumps At Lesser Licence Fees


Officials said that the Delhi Development Authority approved a proposal for the installation of electric vehicle charging stations at CNG stations, and petrol or diesel pumps at lesser licence fees for limiting air pollution in Delhi.

This decision was made at a meeting by Lt Governor V K Saxena during the urban body. He also rejected several key proposals including easing norms regarding the owing of a DDA apartment by members from the economically less fortunate section (EWS).

The LG is also the chairperson of DDA tweeted about his decision made during the meeting. Other members were present, including the vice-chairman of the urban body among others.

The LG tweeted that the allotment for land for religious purposes was made transparent, and added that he had “directed the DDA” to ensure the conversions of pending properties from leasehold property to freehold within two months.

“To promote green fuels and combat the threat of air pollution, the authority approved the establishment of electric vehicle charging stations at pre-allotted DDA sites for CNG stations and petrol/diesel pumps.” In a statement, the DDA stated that it had also decided to levy fewer licence fees for these fuel stations/sites.

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It stated that the annual licence fee for sites with a 1,080 sqm size would be Rs 53,00,475 for a petrol/diesel pump and Rs 46,11,413 for CNG.

According to the DDA, CNG and petrol/diesel pumps will cost Rs 47,70,428 and Rs 43,46,390 respectively for an EV plus site.

The annual license fee for a petrol station and CNG site with an electric vehicle will be Rs 45,05,404 and for a petrol pump linked electric vehicle facility site will be Rs 50,35,451 respectively. A petrol station with an EV site will have to pay Rs 6,36,057.

The DDA announced that it had accepted the relaxations in individual income under the EWS categories and, in keeping with the prime minister’s vision of providing housing for all, has decided to make the allotment of EWS-related houses more accessible and simpler.

“To facilitate applicants for DDA flats under the EWS category, the Authority has approved doing away with the requirement of having an annual individual income of less than Rs 3 lakh for applicants/allottees,” the statement said.

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EWS flats will be allocated based on an annual family income of less than Rs 10 lakh per annum, as certified by a competent authority.

The DDA approved the “disposal” of religious category plots from allotment-to-auction mode to ensure transparency and efficiency in the disposal. The DDA stated that a decision on this matter is pending since 2014.

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