CBRE Group Elects Encore Energy to Set-up Enel X Way Smart Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in New Jersey


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CBRE Group selected Encore Energy Group, Fairfield, NJ to install Enel X Way smart EV charging stations at two buildings in Bridgewater, NJ. They are the Norris McLaughlin Building and Brother Industries Building. Each building received two Enel X Way JuicePedestals which are all-purpose, commercial smart EV charging stations. One JuiceRouter was also installed, allowing the building manager to connect up 16 Enel X Way smart charging station to JuiceNet Enterprise to allow for future growth.

CBRE Group, Inc., an American company, has been named the largest investment and commercial real estate services firm in the world. CBRE is one of the “Big Four” commercial property services companies and serves more than 90 companies in the Fortune 100.

Encore Energy is a subsidiary EncoreLED USA. Encore Energy is a major East Coast distributor for the JuiceBox(tm), and JuicePump(tm), smart EV charging stations manufactured by EnelX Way North America. Encore Energy assists businesses in finding sustainable energy solutions that are eligible for tax incentives or rebates. Smart EV charging solutions can maximize the return on investment for property owners and business owners. They use software to charge cars when electricity costs are low and avoid charging at peak times. Software can charge vehicles when there is the most renewable energy available, which means that the charging energy used is clean.

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Encore Energy Group CEO William Dato stated that the EV market is booming and new projections predict that EV sales will rise sharply over the next few decades. The JuicePump(tm), 175 kW can charge EVs to 80 percent in less than 20 minutes. CNET and Car and Driver named JuiceBox(tm), the “Best EV charger overall”.

CBRE selected Encore Energy products because they offer multiple authentication options, flexible payment options, and Internet connection. They also optimize energy costs by managing charge times and avoiding demand fees. The installations are a complete solution that includes monitoring and management capabilities. Additionally, the manufacturer provides quick and effective support to ensure the integrity of its products.

Chris Baker, Enel X Way North America’s President and CEO, stated that Encore Energy is now one of the strongest partners in East Coast, as a distributor for JuiceBox(tm), and JuicePump ™, smart EV charging stations. Encore and CBRE have reached an agreement that will accelerate the transition to smart EV charging infrastructure. This will give customers and businesses more control over energy consumption and costs.

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