Altigreen Join Hands With ISI Kolkata To Make Intelligent And Efficient EVs With Advanced Data

Altigreen neEV completes intercity 150+ kms run on a single charge

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Altigreen, a Bengaluru-based manufacturer of electric vehicles commercially, has entered into a partnership with the Centre for Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning (CAIML), Indian Statistical Institutes, Kolkata. This premier research institute is designated for Institute of National Importance.

According to the OEM, the association will continue the company’s strong R&D heritage which supports the development and production of the most suitable EVs for India as well as the emerging markets in Africa, South Asia, and South America. It holds 26 patents worldwide for its technology.

The partnership will allow for the analysis of vast amounts of cloud data generated from the Altigreen EV’s drivetrain stack using state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms. This will enable the company to continuously improve its energy efficiency in various scenarios and under different environmental conditions. This partnership brings the company closer to real-time decision-making, which will reduce driver and driving dependency.

Dr. Amitabh Saran, Co-founder and CEO, Altigreen said, “We are extremely proud and excited to collaborate with ISI, Kolkata, which is the country’s premier research institute, in creating high-quality, high-throughput AI/ML solutions. The adoption of commercial EVs is picking up fast and this is the right time to deliver products that demonstrate the highest efficiency under very dynamic Indian conditions. Innovation and problem-solving form the nucleus of Altigreen, and our association with ISI will forge ways to further innovate, upgrade, and deliver the best.”

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Amitava Bandyopadhyay, Member CAIML (Centre for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning), ISI Kolkata and the project lead stated that, “We are excited to collaborate with Altigreen as this is our first industry outreach initiative in the emerging space of electric vehicles. During our initial talks with the company, we saw a strong cultural match in terms of their R&D based approach to developing engineering solutions. We are confident that when our experience in AI/ML, coupled with our deep expertise in statistical modelling, experimentation, process control and quality management is applied to the wealth of vehicle and other related data from Altigreen, it will yield exhaustive and incisive insights beyond the usual low-hanging fruits of battery and location analysis. We look forward to a long, productive, and academically stimulating association with Altigreen.”

Due to their huge benefits, the demand for commercial EVs in the country is rapidly escalating. Altigreen has already built a strong network across the country, taking advantage of the opportunity and meeting the demand. Altigreen is expanding its production capabilities and accelerating expansion plans to bring new products to market. Collaboration with ISI Kolkata will allow the company to continue its class-leading journey across multiple vehicle types.

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