Log9 Materials To Use Northway Motorsport’s Experiences To Retrofit Multiple Brand-New And Used ICE-Based SCV Into EVs

Log9 Materials Launches India’s First Indigenous Cell Manufacturing Line

Log9 Materials, a Bengaluru-headquartered startup has entered into an agreement with Northway Motorsport, a Pune-based EV company to use the latter’s experiences to retrofit multiple brand-new and used ICE-based small commercial vehicles into electric vehicles with the integration of RapidX batteries of Log9.

Log9 and Northway Motorsport have teamed up to offer retrofitting ICE vehicles to electric vehicles on a demand basis for existing vehicles.

Northway Motorsport will also be collaborating with other retrofitment workshops in the country. This will include cities such as Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai, and any other areas as needed.

The partners are also working together to soon bring to market the new 4W product InstaCharged from Log9 batteries. Co-developed, the electric-SCV will be able to fully charge from zero to 100% in 45 minutes. It will also have a warranty of eight years or unlimited kilometers.

It is equipped with a 4-speed manual gearbox and will deliver maximum performance in extreme temperatures between -45 and +60 degrees Celsius.

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Northway and Log9 are working together to electrify commercial fleets throughout the country. Northway Motorsport will also be under the Responsible Delivery Movement umbrella – an initiative of Log9 that aims to accelerate electric mobility adoption for last-mile deliveries and reduce transportation-related emissions intensity by as much as 33% by 2030.

Kartik Hajela, Co-Founder and COO, of Log9 Materials said, “As of today, there are very limited options for four-wheeler commercial EVs in the Indian market, and additionally, existing four-wheeler commercial EVs are suffering due to charging downtime and low battery life. While solving these issues, we at Log9 want in parallel hope to speed up the process of getting more and more CVs on the road in order to build use-cases around the success of converting the popular ICE commercial vehicles to electric-powered ones while using the InstaCharge technology of Log9.”

Northway Motorsport, on the other hand, is Hemank Auto Parts’ electric vehicle division. It claims it has developed its own drivetrain solutions for EVs.

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