Chandigarh Government Sets A Provisional Budget Of Rs 5 Crore As Incentives For Electric Vehicle Buyers


Chandigarh government sets a provisional budget of Rs 5 crores for the department of technology and science to disburse incentives for electric vehicle buyers.

Once the EV policy rolls out, more funds will be allocated for electric vehicle buyers. Chandigarh also plans to release its electric vehicle policy soon.

The demand for Electric Vehicles is expected to grow and with that more incentives will be provided. The actual amount or percentage of incentives will be provided in EV Policy.

The incentives will be available for both electric two-wheelers and electric four-wheelers. An online system will be formed to do all the formalities related to purchasing and incentives for EVs.

Around Rs. 2000 to Rs. 2 lakh benefits will be provided for electric bicycles to electric vehicles as per the draft EV Policy.

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