Amsted Automotive Group Recognized for Accelerating the Auto Industry’s Transition to Electrified Vehicles

Amsted Automotive is a leader in advanced metal-forming and powder metal manufacturing with electro-mechanical clutch design capabilities for electrified propulsion solutions – building on our integral role in global advanced automatic transmissions designed in North America, Europe, and Asia.

While the electric vehicle market is hot, automotive suppliers still face significant challenges in adapting their internal combustion engine (ICE), technology to EVs at a pace that meets the demand. Implementing strategies for EV-based drivetrains is a challenge. Amsted Automotive Group gained recognition and a global reputation in just two years for helping the automotive industry overcome these obstacles to achieve success. It all starts with the unique torque management requirements of electrified cars and Amsted Automotive’s innovative clutch technology, Dynamic Controllable Clutch(DCC), which is an Electro-Mechanical EX-le Disconnect system.

John Jennings, Amsted Automotive Director of Innovation and eMobility was invited to present on Amsted Automotive’s innovative Multi-Functional Clutch Technology (EV Disconnects) at the prestigious 2022 CTI Symposium USA, May. Jennings explained the DCC Disconnect system’s function, efficiency, and range as well as the cost.

Amsted Automotive was also featured as the cover story in the June 2022 issue of Automotive Engineering, a highly-respected industry magazine. This article highlighted Amsted Automotive’s innovative technologies, production capabilities, and its ability to assist automakers in electrifying their vehicles.

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Amsted’s groundbreaking technologies that allow smooth and fast AWD and 4WD operation – Dynamic Controller Clutch, an Electro-Mechanical Electronic E-axle disconnect system – were incorporated into the volume production electric vehicles launched earlier in the year.

Amsted Automotive Group was created in 2021 by the merging of Amsted Industries and two of its Tier 1 automotive supply business units: Means Industries and Burgess-Norton. Amsted Automotive Group was quickly at the forefront in cutting-edge EV driveline technology. This included its DCC Disconnect system. This allows for seamless engagement and disengagement of rear electric drivetrains while maintaining both on-road and offroad performance. Amsted Automotive Group was able to adapt the technology to its OEM automotive customers. This includes volume-production electric pickup trucks as well as SUVs.

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