FLO Join Hands with Baseload to Expand New AURA EV Charging Network

Photo courtesy of Baseload

FLO has partnered with Baseload Power Corp., a Canadian electricity infrastructure company that focuses on renewable energy, energy storage and electric vehicle charging as part of its continued growth. Baseload will launch the new EV charging network Aura EV Charging.

Louis Tremblay is the President and CEO of FLO. Baseload’s Level 3 FLO-powered charging stations have been installed at busy locations where people shop, eat, and enjoy their leisure time. They will now be able do all of this while their cars are charging. These stations were carefully selected to make sure people have a DC fast charger that takes 30 minutes, and does not place undue stress at busy power grid locations.

Burlington Centre is a bustling shopping center in Burlington, Ontario, where the first Aura Chargers were installed.

FLO’s equipment, operating system and software will support Aura EV Charging stations. This will offer customers a premium charging experience and high-quality service. FLO and Baseload will work together to deploy the Aura Electric Charging Stations across Canada.

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Jonathan Sandler, President at Baseload Power, stated that Baseload is delighted to work with FLO in the delivery and operation of our expanding EV-charging network. We share the same values of creating a more sustainable world. By increasing our EV infrastructure, we can help reduce carbon emissions and meet Canada’s emission targets.

Aura will provide multi-level charging speeds for home, commercial, fleet and office applications. Its network of public fast charging stations is located in Canada’s top retail properties, which are also home to Tier 1 amenities. Aura chargers can be accessed from any smartphone or tablet using the FLO app. EV drivers can also use the RFID card to charge their vehicle anytime.

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