Hyundai Motor To Manufacture Compact Electric Car For Indian Market

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Hyundai Motor is to manufacture a small electric car for the market of India in addition to rolling out premium car models in 2022 for the country.

Director of sales, marketing, and service of Hyundai India, Tarun Garg said that Hyundai is constantly working to resolve the issues related to charging infrastructure and also enhance its manufacturing and sales network in India.

“We have to look at as much localisation as possible to cut down the costs of manufacturing to make affordable cars. The ecosystem should be ready, we should have enough charging,” Garg said.

Hyundai Motor has plans to expand its electric vehicle lineup in the country and it will roll out 6 battery electric vehicles by 2028.

“Until its small EV hits the roads, Hyundai will launch premium models starting with its Ioniq 5 electric crossover this year and will gradually move down the price chain”, Garg said.

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“When it was about cars with IC-engines, we had this bottoms-up approach. In electric, we are trying the top-down approach. Enhancement in electric vehicle charging infrastructure is important for the success of the electric vehicle ecosystem,” he added.

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