FLO Plans To Open Its First U.S. Manufacturing Facility in Michigan

Located in Michigan, FLO's First-ever U.S. facility will boost electric vehicle charging operations. (Photo: FLO).

FLO, the leading North American electric vehicle charging company, announced plans for its first U.S. manufacturing plant in Michigan in 2022. This will allow FLO to accelerate its U.S. market strategy. FLO believes that the Auburn Hills facility, located north of Detroit will be a significant contribution to Michigan’s future electrification. FLO intends to produce more than 250,000 electric vehicle chargers for the U.S. market by 2028. By 2028, 730 jobs will be created by the facility.

Michigan is the future of EVs. “We are proud to announce today our facility – our first in America – which will not only create jobs but also help meet growing demand for smart, reliable charging stations and expand the FLO network throughout the USA,” stated Louis Tremblay (FLO president and CEO). “We are grateful to President Biden, Governor Whitmer and all those who supported policies that will change the future of mobility.”

Auburn Hills’ manufacturing plant will include an advanced testing laboratory that will ensure FLO chargers provide the best experience for all EVs. FLO will be able to attain greater charging alignment for new EVs that are on the market in the coming years. This will increase the experience of FLO’s customers as well as new EV owners.

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State and federal efforts to make EVs more accessible for consumers and businesses are increasing as EV adoption increases. President Biden’s Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act provided $5 billion to fund a national charging network. This will make EVs more accessible for all Americans, both locally and long distance.

Governor Whitmer announced in February that Michigan would receive $110 million over five-years in formula funding to help build electric vehicle charging infrastructure. This will allow the state to continue its leadership role in mobility and electrification.

Governor Whitmer stated, “We are proud of FLO’s arrival in Michigan and to serve as their home for their first manufacturing facility in the United States.” We recognize the importance of promoting electric vehicles as we work to grow our economy, invest in our workforce and create good-paying jobs. FLO’s presence is a continuation of our automotive manufacturing heritage with an eye to the electrified future. This is the latest of a series recent major investments in Michigan’s economic. I couldn’t be prouder that the world’s leading manufacturing leaders know Michigan is where to be.

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According to the Department of Energy in the United States, new EV sales grew by 85 per cent since 2020. Automotive executives expect that more than half of their future sales will come from EVs by 2030. FLO expects the Auburn Hills facility to become a keystone of its expansion in the U.S. Market. It will join a national collective of organizations supporting electric vehicles as more Americans make the switch.

Tony Tomczak (DTE vice president for electric sales and marketing) stated that DTE is creating the grid of the future in support of economic growth and electrification of the state. We are thrilled for FLO’s Michigan facility to be opened and for future partnership opportunities.

BW Research released an economic report that estimates that the FLO manufacturing plant will generate $134million in revenue from the sale of EV chargers manufactured at the facility, and $76million in gross state product in Michigan by 2028. In Michigan, the increased economic activity will lead to 500 new jobs and 230 additional jobs in other industries.

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This facility marks a significant step in FLO’s expansion into the U.S. Market. FLO has installed thousands of charging stations across the U.S., including in New York City and Southern California. There are plans to expand further to meet the demands of customers nationwide.

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