India’s Gross EV Sales Is All Set To Reach 8-9 Lakhs In This Fiscal Year

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Radius Synergies Launches Electric Vehicle Charging Dock to Strengthen E-Mobility in India

India’s gross electric vehicle sales is all set to reach 8-9 lakhs in this fiscal year. During fiscal year 2021-22, the electric vehicle sales was 3.4 lakhs.

“Other than the fires everything that had to happened right has happened right with petrol prices going northward, a critical mass of EV sales, new products with good range and customers getting the courage to utilize the EV and we can expect a 3x to 4x growth this year with sales hitting 8,00,000-9,00,000 units up from 3,40,000 units last financial year,” Sohinder Gill, director-general, SMEV.

There is minimum 45-60 days waiting period for electric two-wheelers regardless of fires. There is no effect on the sales of electric two-wheerlers.

Last year between January-May, electric vehicle (two-wheeler, three-wheeler, buses, and others) sales was 78,903 and this year it reached 3,17,890 units.

“The OEMs throughout product classes have launched extra fashions and decisions for purchasers leading to fast development in adaption of electrical automobiles,” stated Ravi Bhatia, president, of JATO Dynamics.

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In January-May last year, the two-wheeler sales was 27,751 units and in 2022, it rose to 198,373 units. Three-wheeler sales between this was 46,525 last year and now it is 106,233. Car sales was 3,367 and it rose to 12,601.

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