Batt:RE Launches Its New Electric Scooter, Stor:ie In India

A file photo of Electric Scooter of Batt:RE, Stor:ie.

Batt:RE, Jaipur’s electric two-wheeler manufacturer, unveiled its new electric scooter model Stor:ie. Stor:ie boasts a variety of new features, including metal panels and a connected drive. It also stated that the electric scooter is eligible to receive the FAME II subsidy from the central government.

The price of the electric scooter is Rs 89.600, ex-showroom. According to the company, the price excludes the cost of subsidies provided by the central and state governments. The electric scooter is available at 400 dealers across India.

It is powered by a Lucas TVS motor and controller and a 3.1kWh lithium-ion battery pack. This allows the vehicle to travel up to 132 km on one charge. There has been extensive research to improve the safety and reliability of the electric scooter, the company stated.

“As a firm step towards sustainability, we are delighted to announce our newest offering Stor:ie, which is meant to bridge the gap between the present and a future of easier and greener mobility.”

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“Our offerings are a testament to our rigorous safety protocols and a vision for a better tomorrow. We look forward to creating a robust portfolio of products that are high on innovation and meet the evolving demands of our conscious consumers,” said Nishchal Chaudhary, founder-director, Batt:RE.

Batt:RE was founded in 2017 and claims to have sold more than 30,000 electric scooters.

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