Tata Motors Incorporates ‘TML Smart City Mobility Solutions Limited’ For EVs

A file photo of Logo of Tata Motors

Tata Motors Limited has incorporated a wholly-owned subsidiary, viz., ‘TML Smart City Mobility Solutions Limited’ for undertaking urban mass mobility business interalia under an own, operate and maintain model.

With the launch of TML Smart City Mobility Solutions Limited (TSCMSL), the Company intends to bring specific focus to its Electric Vehicles segment as a service offering across its portfolio of commercial vehicles.

In addition to existing State Transport Units (STUs) and government fleets, TSCMSL will also cater to all business opportunities across passenger mobility applications.

The Company already has 650 EV buses plying on roads across various cities in India with a cumulative coverage of more than 35 million kms and has operationalized 250+ EV buses in FY22.

The new facility will design, manufacture, and develop all types of vehicles including hybrid, electric, CNG, diesel, new energy vehicles, etc. and also buses, trucks, cars among others.

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