FORD PRO Promoting Electrified Future by Steering Companies Into EV and Charging Solutions

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Commercial customers are moving to battery electric vehicles for their fleets. This is uncharted territory. Ford Pro(tm), which helps to manage anxiety caused by this uncertainty, bundles vehicles with charging solutions and software for telematics to help businesses accelerate their productivity.

Ford Pro surveyed U.S. fleet buying decision-makers and found that nearly three quarters felt pressured to adopt electric cars. More than 60% of those considering electric vehicles plan to do so within the next two years. With the announcement of two new partnerships, Ford Pro continues to grow the number of forward-thinking businesses reaping the benefits.

Wilbur-Ellis is a global leader in sustainable agriculture products and consultancy. Pacific Gas and Electric Company is California’s largest electricity provider, serving central and northern California. They announced plans to add Ford Pro Charging solutions to their fleets.

Ted Cannis (Ford Pro CEO) stated that Ford Pro is aligning its business model to support customers who wish to make a positive difference on the world and people. We know that the transition to electric cars can be difficult. We are focused on helping pioneers such as Wilbur-Ellis or PG&E to quickly see the benefits of electric vehicles combined with charging solutions, data insights, and sustainability goals. This will help them achieve their sustainability goals, improve energy management, increase productivity, and improve their bottom line.

Wilbur-Ellis will add F-150(r), Lightning(tm), Pro trucks, Ford Pro Charging Solutions, charging software, and in-vehicle Telematics to its fleet in Sonoma County, California. The company will initially integrate 10 battery-electric trucks. It also plans to learn how to optimize energy solutions with Dutton Ranch. Dutton Ranch is a long-standing Wilbur-Ellis customer. They are currently testing Ford Pro vehicles, charging, and software in real-world farming conditions as part a pilot program with Sonoma County Winegrowers.

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John Buckley, Wilbur-Ellis president/CEO, stated that “we’re excited to be early adopters and to deploy them into a commercial agricultural setting.” “This partnership is a win-win for all. We will provide information to our customers about the potential impact of these vehicles on their operations.

Ford Pro Survey also revealed that more than half of commercial customers consider infrastructure setup a major concern when transitioning to electric. Ford Pro Charging plays a crucial role in the solution. It allows businesses of all sizes to reduce operating costs and optimize the time when they charge their vehicles. Additionally, it offers consulting services that help businesses plan, install, and maintain charging services that are tailored to their specific needs.

PG&E will continue its electric vehicle collaboration with Ford. This was announced in March. Now, Ford Pro will add charging hardware to select F-150 Lightning Pro trucks to its California fleet. Ford’s vehicle to grid technology will be used by the company to test energy management improvements. PG&E will integrate electric vehicles into its fleet operations, along with Ford Pro charging stations. The company also plans to explore leveraging F-150 Lightning Pro batteries in order to reduce peak energy consumption at one of its depot locations.

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“We are at a pivotal moment in the intersection of utility and transportation industries and have a very real chance to deliver for customers, business owners, and our planet – for the better,” Jason Glickman, Executive vice president, Engineering, Planning, Strategy, PG&E.

Today’s announcement coincides a pilot program between Ford Pro & Sonoma County Winegrowers. This pilot program aims to provide a guideline for how companies and industries can adopt and manage battery electric cars for sustainable fleet operations. Ford Pro Telematics will be seamlessly integrated into existing farmer’s gas fleets.

Marissa Ledbetter, of Vino Farms in Sonoma County said that they have more than 50 vehicles on Ford Pro Telematics. She has already identified insights that will improve our bottom line such as long idle times which cost us $24,000 annually in wasted gas. “Ford Pro Telematics has helped us to reduce downtime and increase productivity through full visibility into maintenance requirements. We expect these benefits to continue growing as electric vehicles and charging stations become more common in our operations”.

The pilot program has already attracted interest from ranches in Sonoma County, who are looking for ways to improve their efficiency. Sonoma County Winegrowers offered Ford Pro Telematics for one year to all 1,800 members. This is to help farmers find ways to improve efficiency even in gas-powered vehicles.

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Ford Pro Telematics can be used on Ford and non Ford vehicles to allow customers to reap the benefits of the software throughout their fleet.

Ford Pro also assists government agencies and businesses of any size to address climate change. It shows them the clear benefits of an electric ecosystem and helps accelerate progress towards a sustainable future. Ford Pro has recently established relationships with industry leaders in sustainability, such as Penske Truck Leasing, Sunbelt Rentals and United Rentals.

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