Village of Elizabeth Plugs into Electric Vehicle Charging with SemaConnect

The Village of Elizabeth Installs Public Charging at Terrapin Park for Travelers on Highway 20.

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The Village of Elizabeth has installed a new SemaConnect Series 7 Plus charging station for public use near the new splash pad at Terrapin Park. The high-powered, dual-port charging station will encourage residents and tourists to plug in while visiting Terrapin Park, the Grand Antique Company, and Elizabeth’s downtown area.

Electric vehicle charging stations are becoming more popular in municipalities like Elizabeth. Level 2 charging stations like the Series 7 Plus deliver an average of 60 miles of range per charging hour, which encourages drivers to plug in and explore Elizabeth’s local businesses. With a J-1772 plug, which is compatible with all plug-in electric vehicles in North America including Tesla, Ford F-150 Lightning, and the Chevrolet Bolt, Elizabeth’s new SemaConnect charging station is ready for all drivers. The dual plug station can charge two vehicles up to 19.2 kW simultaneously, a faster speed than most commercial Level 2 charging stations.

“The Village Board of Elizabeth has made it a priority to keeping Elizabeth progressive and looking forward to the future,” said Michael Dittmar, president at the Village of Elizabeth. “Our EV charger at the park is our most recent addition to that goal. It is great to share this endeavor with our partners, Rose Noble with Galena Country Tourism and Jeff Finn with Smart Energy Solutions.”

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“Galena Country Tourism supports the desire for more responsible and authentic travel,” said Rose Noble, CEO at Galena Country Tourism. “There are many sustainable accommodations, attractions, and amenities in our destination, and the addition of electric vehicle chargers in Elizabeth makes it easy for eco-friendly travelers to recharge in the village and enjoy all it has to offer. We are pleased to help sponsor this project.”

“While the focus on electric vehicles began in large cities, smaller communities like Elizabeth are where the next phase of growth will happen,” said Tony Sargent, vice president of sales at SemaConnect. “Especially in the Midwest, where drivers traveling along highways need places to stop where they can charge with easy-to-use, public Level 2 charging stations. We’re honored to help provide EV charging infrastructure to this developing area and we look forward to supporting the Elizabeth community.”

The Series 7 Plus charging station in Elizabeth features the cloud-based SemaConnect Network, which provides top features for station owners including access controls, custom pricing, and sustainability and usage reports. EV drivers will receive 24/7 customer support with numerous ways to start charging, including SemaConnect mobile application, SemaConnect website, the automated system at 1-800-663-5633, SemaConnect Pass, and third-party applications such as PlugShare and ChargeHub. For more information on station status, directions, and pricing, please visit the SemaConnect app.

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