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In an exclusive chat with EMobility+, Mr. Gundurao MR, Product Manager at FIMER gave us a detailed overview of their charging solutions and monitoring systems for the same. He also spoke about the recent installations done by FIMER in India and the full-fledged availability of their charging solutions globally

1. Please give us an overview of FIMER’s charging solutions provided in India.

FIMER is a global leader in solar inverter technology and in e-mobility solutions. With one of the broadest portfolios of solar and storage solutions for all solar applications, we shape the future of renewable energy. For us investing and working in the solar and e-mobility sectors is a strategic choice for building a better world to leave to future generations. Active in EV solutions since 2017, we have supplied over 54,000+ Charging Stations globally.

We have developed two lines of charging stations (both DC and AC) taking advantage of our experience in the development of inverters. Our line of products, FLEXA and ELECTRA, are designed to meet the diverse needs of users, who are seeking solutions for private, public and commercial use.

FIMER FLEXA is an AC charging station line, including AC WallBox and AC Station, suitable to charge, one or two vehicles at the same time, both with power up to 22kW. FIMER ELECTRA is the next-generation fast charger for electric vehicles, both in DC and AC (up to 150kW DC and 43kW AC).


FIMER ELECTRA DC station is the best solution, in public use areas (service stations, highway networks, distributors, large retail chains, railway stations, airports) where fast charging is Required. Easy to install and maintain, customizable on request, FIMER ELECTRA DC Station ensures high power output and maximum efficiency. A whole concept of flexibility around you, from cable type (CHAdeMO, CCS, T2) to power output level (from 60 kW to 150 kW DC and up to 43 kW AC) all available on the three plugs simultaneously. FIMER ELECTRA can be customized on request with colors, display layout and stickers according to the technical and graphic needs of the customer. FIMER ELECTRA DC Station is specifically designed with a modular architecture to ensure easy maintenance and spare parts management.

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FIMER FLEXA AC Wallbox is the wall-mounted EV charging device designed for residential and private parking with public access applications and it can be installed also on a dedicated stand. FIMER FLEXA AC Wallbox is easy to install and offers different configurations, depending on connectivity features (Stand Alone, Inverter Net or Future Net models), power output (from 3.7 kW to 22 kW) and the type of connection to the vehicle (Type 2 cable, Type 2 socket or Type 3A socket). FIMER FLEXA Wallbox has a case and packing made from 100% recycled materials.


FIMER FLEXA AC Station meets different commercial & public application needs: in fact, it represents the best solution to be installed in private parking, such as a condominium or in a company, or in public use parking, such as hotels, hospitals, gyms, restaurants, shopping centers etc. FLEXA AC Station can charge in alternating current up to two electric vehicles at the same time, each at a maximum power of 22 kW. It is available in three models: Stand Alone, Local Controller, Future Net.

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2. Do you have any monitoring mechanism for EV chargers?

FIMER E-Mobility is a digital platform developed to enable the control and management of charging stations. Available in Desktop and Mobile versions, FIMER E-Mobility offers the possibility to manage and monitor the charging stations, configure the infrastructure, to geolocate the charging stations on maps updated in real-time and to acquire and analyse the diagnostic data of the stations.

Key features:

  • Remote control of charging stations, via smartphone or computer
  • Geolocation of charging stations located in the area
  • Checking charging station availability
  • Management of all charging stations
  • Contract management

Through the FIMER E-Mobility platform it is possible:

  • To easily configure, manage and monitor all charging stations
  • To geolocate the charging stations on maps updated in real-time and check their
  • status (free, busy, booked, out of order)
  • Link RFID cards with each device or contract
  • To acquire and analyse EVSE diagnostic and consumption data

With the user App of the E-Mobility platform, the user is able to manage his own charging

via App and:

  • To geolocate available charging stations,
  • Choose the nearest one and book it,
  • Get directions to the selected charging station (via Apple Maps, Google Maps),
  • To start and stop the charging sessions,
  • To monitor the status of charging sessions

3. What are the products/services you offer for the Southeast Asian market?

All the solutions from FIMER are available globally and in South-East Asian markets including Sri Lanka, Nepal & Bangladesh, and other Asian countries.

4. How have the installations been in India recently for your company.

We have started with FIMER FLEXA AC Wallbox installations in India. We have recently commissioned a 7.4kW AC EV charger in Ahmedabad. It is located at the “signature-1 “building on SG highway in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. In 2021, FIMER supplied its REACT 2 inverter and AC charger for the Indian Institute of Science (IISc, Bangalore) “Zero-emission EV station” powered by Solar PV at IISc at the Bengaluru campus. We have also delivered and supplied a few AC Wallboxes to Nepal, commissioned by Kushal Projects.

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FLEXA AC Wallbox 22 kW which has been installed at Deltin hotel & Casinos, Kathmandu, is one of the first EV chargers to be installed in Nepal.

5. What can we look forward to from FIMER this year?

We have the FIMER FLEXA AC Station 2.0 coming soon, which brings new functionality to our AC charging station.

FIMER is also working on the development of new products to meet all market needs, thus completing the range of products and services already in our portfolio; stay tuned!

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