58-Year-Old Man From Puducherry Innovated A Self-Recharging E-bike

Man From Puducherry Innovated A Self-Recharging E-bike

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A 58-year-old man from Puducherry built an e-bike that charges its battery while running on another battery, transforming it into a continuous-self-recharging electric bike.

According to the creator, Vijayan Premanand, this not only eliminates the need to charge the bike from an electrical grid but also holds a great significance for uninterrupted travel. 

Premanand is granted a patent by the Controller General of Patents, Designs, and Trademarks, Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion, Union Commerce and Industry Ministry.

Citing the invention as the inception of a technology that will allow charging the electric automotive without depending on the power grid, which in turn saves electricity, Premanand explained “The benefit of utilizing such an e-bike is that we do not need plug outlets or charging stations to charge the bike. As it runs, the bike charges itself.”

He noted that there are still regions in the country that does not have a power supply. “Our country is not self-sufficient in terms of electricity,” he said. Using our electric infrastructure to charge e-vehicles would exacerbate the power constraint. 

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Furthermore, the innovation would save time spent on charging stations, he added, “I believe this technology is the future of electric automobiles,”

He explained the idea by stating that a generator is positioned in the hub of the wheel and is linked to an electric storage device. The generator charges the electric storage unit, which uses an electrical generator to transform the mechanical energy of wheel rotation into electrical energy.

He has also improved the design by charging the batteries in an alternate manner, which is cited to reduce the power loss. “Idle batteries quickly lose power, therefore I devised a method of charging them alternatively,” Premanand explained.

The inventor has written to all the major automotive companies that manufacture electric vehicles about his innovation and is awaiting a response.

“I made use of lithium batteries. We’ll have greater performance if we utilize fast-charging batteries,” said Premanand, who rides around town on an e-bike he designed.

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