TRATON GROUP Intensifies Exchange Between Its Brands

A file photo of Friedrich Baumann, new Head of Sales and Customer Solutions at MAN

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The TRATON GROUP is not only focusing on the greater exchange of technology within the Group but also on increased knowledge transfer. As part of this, the current Board members responsible for Sales at the TRATON brands MAN Truck & Bus and Navistar will swap their posts.

Göran Nyberg, Executive Board member for Sales and Customer Solutions at MAN Truck & Bus SE, will join Navistar as Executive Vice President Commercial Operations, effective March 1, 2022. He will swap positions with Friedrich Baumann, Navistar’s Executive Vice President Sales, Marketing, and Aftersales, who will join MAN as Head of Sales and Customer Solutions, effective April 1, 2022.

The exchange of expertise between Navistar and MAN strengthens the alignment of brands within the TRATON GROUP, further capturing the power behind this international group of strong commercial vehicle brands.

Christian Levin, CEO of TRATON SE, said, “Both Friedrich Baumann and Göran Nyberg are proven commercial vehicle experts with extensive experience and a clear understanding of customer needs in the transportation industry. This change in personnel means that our international group of strong commercial vehicle brands is growing ever closer together. MAN, Navistar, and thus the TRATON GROUP as a whole will benefit from this change and exchange of experience.”

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Alexander Vlaskamp, CEO of MAN Truck & Bus SE, added, “I would like to thank Göran Nyberg for his successful work over the past years. Under his leadership, the launch of our new truck generation was a real customer success. Göran Nyberg has also successfully managed the realignment of our Sales division. I am looking forward to working with Friedrich Baumann. With his international experience, strategic understanding, and in-depth industry knowledge, he will provide valuable momentum to our new Executive Board team.”

Mathias Carlbaum, President and CEO of Navistar, said, “Friedrich Baumann has been influential at Navistar. Under his leadership, Navistar has advanced a close alignment with the International Truck and IC Bus dealer networks and dedicated all commercial operations to delivering maximum value that will lead to our customers’ success. I would like to thank him for his service to Navistar and wish him the greatest success in further aligning the TRATON GROUP while at MAN. I am excited to welcome Göran Nyberg back to the US and to Navistar. He brings a wealth of international sales and transformative experience, as well as a complete understanding of the North American market that is essential to the continued success of Navistar’s commercial operations and its executive leadership team.”

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