Darwin Platform Group Launches 3 Electric Scooters


Darwin Platform Group of Companies (DPGC) to invest Rs 450 crore on their electric mobility space for product development.

Darwin EVAT, DPGC’s electric vehicle venture launched 3 electric scooters which are D-5 is priced at Rs 68000, D-7 at Rs 73000, and D-14 at Rs 77000.

DPGC Group CEO, Raja Roy Choudhury, said, “Global automotive industry is in a transition phase and shifting towards electric mobility and in India, this transition has started to pick up the pace. Darwin EVAT aims to contribute more to this electric revolution.”

DPGC Director & Head Automobile Business Saurabh Mohan Saxena, said, “The company and group would initially invest nearly Rs 450 crore in this transformation and is taking a comprehensive approach, ranging from research and development to production of green vehicles, which also includes strategic collaborations and partnerships.”

The timeline of the investment is not yet disclosed. Some of the key features of the 3 electric scooters include speed control gear, regenerative braking, USB mobile charger port, and battery swapping. The e-scooters can run 70-120 km with a single charge.

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