BP And Piaggio To Accelerate The Two- And Three-Wheeled ‎EV Revolution Across Europe, India, And Asia


BP and Piaggio Group plan to work together to develop and roll out a comprehensive set of services ‎for the rapidly growing number of two- and three-wheeled electric vehicles across Europe and Asia.

These vehicles – electric motorbikes, motor scooters, and compact commercial vehicles – are today ‎the most highly electrified vehicle class globally, with 44% of sales and 25% of the existing global ‎fleet – of around 250 million vehicles – already electric. It has been estimated that by 2040 the ‎proportion of sales of these vehicles that are electric may have risen to over 80% and the number ‎of electric two- and three-wheelers globally may have tripled to 750 million.‎

Bringing together Piaggio’s extensive e-vehicle production operations and infrastructure ‎management capabilities with bp’s expertise and global reach, the companies aim to support the ‎growing adoption of electric two- and three-wheelers globally to help address city congestion and ‎reduce pollution in urban areas.‎

Richard Bartlett, bp’s senior vice president, future mobility & solutions, said: “The huge and fast-growing two- and three-wheeler market is already leading the way for electrification, and we see ‎great potential for continued growth across both Asia and Europe.”

“Working closely with Piaggio Group – a world leader in this market – we will aim to develop and ‎deliver the innovative services that customers will need. This will support the growth of rapid and ‎truly convenient urban mobility using zero tailpipe emission vehicles, enabling reductions in air ‎pollution and helping cities in their efforts to decarbonize.”

‎“Working together with bp will help us deliver our idea and offer of a mobility revolution,” said ‎Michele Colaninno, chief of strategy and product of the Piaggio Group. “To achieve this goal, it is ‎necessary to promote the widespread adoption of electric vehicles such as motorbikes, motor ‎scooters, and compact commercial vehicles equipped with battery swap technology or plug-in ‎charging, thus encouraging a more sustainable life-cycle management of batteries and greater ‎respect for the environment. Working with bp is an incredible starting point to enhance our ‎strategy.”‎

Under their memorandum of understanding, Piaggio Group and bp, along with affiliate Jio-bp in ‎India, will explore opportunities to work together to offer charging and battery swap stations, as ‎well as developing all-encompassing services such as ‘Battery as a Service’ (BaaS) – leasing, ‎management and recycling of vehicle batteries – and ‘Vehicle as a Service’ (VaaS) – leasing, repair, ‎maintenance and smart energy management of these vehicles. Initial efforts and focus will be on ‎India, where Jio-bp and Piaggio are already engaged in developing electric vehicle solutions. The ‎companies also intend to explore opportunities in broader Asia – in China, Indonesia, and Vietnam – ‎and in Europe.

Convenience and mobility is a core part of bp’s strategy. Working closely with innovative partners, ‎bp seeks to develop new business models and services that will help deliver the future of mobility, ‎energy, and services for customers. Electrification is at the heart of bp’s approach to mobility and it ‎is growing its charging businesses around the world, aiming to have over 70,000 public charge ‎points by 2030.


The Piaggio Group

The Piaggio Group has been a pioneer in electric mobility since the mid-1970s, continuously ‎searching for the most technologically advanced solutions, developed in its R&D centres around ‎the world. It sees the ability to combine robotics and software as key to enhancing future mobility ‎systems in every city and, with its e-vehicle production operations and infrastructure management ‎capabilities, the Group intends to continue to be a leader of the ongoing revolution.‎


Jio-bp is an Indian fuels and mobility joint venture between Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) and bp. ‎With the vision to become a solution provider of choice for mobility in India, the joint venture will ‎leverage Reliance’s presence across 21 states and its millions of consumers through the Jio digital ‎platform. bp brings its extensive global experience in high-quality differentiated fuels, lubricants, ‎retail, and advanced low carbon mobility solutions.‎

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