Kerala To Have 100 EV Charging Stations By December

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The Kerala government is steadily implementing its e-vehicle policy as at least 100 electric charging stations will be opened for the public across the state by the end of December. This was informed by the Electricity Minister K Krishnankutty to PTI.

Krishnankutty said that ten new pillar charging stations have been installed by Kerala State Electricity Board (KSEB) in Kozhikode city for the public where they can scan and pay the money using mobile phones. He also said that KSEB has also issued an order to hire only electric vehicles for its official purposes and ANERT has already handed over 30 electric vehicles to various government departments of the state.

Krishnakutty said – “We will open 100 charging stations across Kerala by the end of December. KSEB has erected pillar charging stations near the auto stands in Kozhikode at ten locations in the city. The payment can be made through a mobile app and self-charge the vehicles. In the same station, two wheelers can also be charged.” 

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Presently, Kozhikode city has the most number of e-auto rickshaws which prompted the Electricity Board to take up its pilot project of charging pillars in the city. As the pillar charging station requires very less space, similar to an electricity pole, if found effective, it would revolutionise the e-vehicle scenario in the state. KSEB plans to expand it beyond Kozhikode soon.

KSEB will charge Rs 15 per unit from the customer whereas in other states, the rates will go up to Rs 22 per unit. Currently, KSEB has six charging stations in the state. However, if a private person is installing a charging station, he needs to give KSEB Rs 5 per unit. 

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