Both Our Variants- O3 And GT5- Stand Apart In Terms Of Radical Design And Consumer-centric Features With Cutting-edge Technology: Pratik Singh Sankhla – Founder, White Carbon Motors Private Limited


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In an exclusive chat with EMobility+, Mr. Pratik Singh Sankhla, Founder,  White Carbon Motors Private Limited speaks about the journey of his startup and their two wheeler offerings. He expects electric two wheelers to lead the EV revolution in India and their newly launched GT5 electric scooter will contribute towards the same.

How did the journey of White Carbon Motors start and how has it been so far?

My current team and I had already been effectively working in the EV industry since 2017. Having worked with more than 350 Electric Vehicle Dealers nationwide, we got an opportunity to understand the nuances of working in the industry to the finest of details. From the experience, we realized that there was a huge gap in the corporate structure. The ecosystem of the industry lacked ‘an organized corporate structure’. Sales augmentation was the focal point for all the companies while branding and after-sales structure got neglected treatment. After several efforts of lending some kind of organization to the existing corporate construction, I decided to form a company of my own. Thus, White Carbon Motors (WCM) was founded in January 2020. 

As a team, we comprehended the dire lack of brand value an Electric Vehicle had in the mindset of an average vehicle consumer. We made rigorous R&D on our fleet and boosted the brand presence of WCM, our priorities. For quality parts, we partnered with the best in the industry.

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However, we also realized that in a dynamic market like we are in today, coming up with just an ‘awesome product’ was not sufficient. What sets us apart from others is our community- the WCM Squad. This community is a group of experts from the industry raring to solve, create, innovate and educate the consumer on the advancements that this sustainable industry is creating. 

What are some of the features of your electric two-wheeler offerings?

WCM aims at spreading the know-how amongst the average vehicle consumer on the differentials in the technology that makes all the difference. We want the consumer to make a decision that is smart and not cheap. Hence, both our variants- O3 and GT5- stand apart in terms of radical design and consumer-centric features with cutting-edge technology. O3 is your ultimate utility vehicle- a compact, head-turner with features like pedal assist, portable batteries, and a modular rear carrier. GT5, again, is an ultimate value-for-money vehicle that boasts of features like auto-adaptive headlights, an aluminum swingarm, and a larger wheelbase.

Both out variants are designed to provide a zippy, fun, and thrilling experience on the road.

Electric two-wheelers are expected to lead the EV revolution in India in the future. What are your views on this?

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That’s right. The EV segment is set to shift the market, bring radical changes in buying and mobility behavior. But what makes this disruption all the more interesting is the fact that Electrification, as a trend in the automotive industry, will bring in more avenues for revenue generation and bring healthy competition. And healthy competition is always beneficial to the industry, in terms of the opportunities it brings and problems that are thereby solved. So, it is safe to say that the scenario that is poised is nothing short of exciting.

Please tell us in brief about your newly launched GT5 electric scooter?

500 km in 100 Rs.! That’s right, that’s how disruptive a trendsetter GT5 as a product is. We had always envisioned launching a product for the mass majority of the Indian population that truly provided value for money. And GT5 exceeds those expectations. The scooter is the perfect concoction of quality parts found in high-end vehicles, sleek designing, and superior performance. That is why we call it a ‘simply perfect’ machine.

What growth plans do you have for the next 2 years?

A lot of exciting stuff is in store, I will highlight some of it here. After the launch of O3 and GT5, we would focus on expanding our network- first in our home state of Gujarat and then replicate the network expansion in Tier-1 cities across the country. Internationally, we are intending to launch WCM in Nepal & Greece by the end of Q4 of 2021. With the change of the year, things are poised to get bigger. We are planning on making access to online purchase of WCM products for the consumers in the Tier-1 cities an easy availability. Also, building an efficient charging infrastructure and launching the WCM app is high on our priority list. In short, New variants and innovations are on the horizon. 

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