How Advanced Technologies Are Driving The EV Revolution?


Opinion piece by M Natish Reddy –  Joint Managing Director,  NDS Eco Motors Pvt Ltd

We see new technological interventions emerging with each passing month and thus we see the EV industry witnessing a remarkable growth. Although the demand for EVs is growing exponentially driven by favourable government policies and increasing environmental awareness amongst users, it is the new technological interventions in the form of advanced batteries, IOT, AI, longer and fast charging batteries with BMS, charging infrastructure, chargers with CAN BUS, Electric Motors and Controllers, etc that are helping EVs achieve ideal growth and an immense uptake globally.

We have seen advancements in battery technology with steady improvement in terms of cell chemistry, better fabrication processes ensuring safety, longer and fast charging with BMS, better performance, etc. Simultaneously there are some exciting developments in other alternatives to lithium-ion batteries. Solutions like micro-capacitors, titanium batteries, and other sodium based alternatives. And this once being proven might replace the existing lithium-ion in the near future. 

Charging infrastructure also plays an important role in EV adoption. The implementation of electromobility requires the establishment of a robust charging infrastructure network be taken into account. Building a robust charging infrastructure network involves coordinating the current status of charging infrastructure to be located in bus depots, apartments, malls and complexes parking area, work places, public buildings, etc, and allowing private retailing of power, and setting up systematic payment options, etc. where we see many such advancements and installations of charging stations happening in major cities.

Improvements and innovations in software such as connectivity, safety information, IOT, Artificial Intelligence are going to become the trend for the next gen vehicles. These innovations will shape the future of EV charging and accelerating the EV adoption among the youngsters.

Thus, such advanced specifications and technical features considering the safety aspects of both the driver and vehicle, concern towards the environment is getting implemented one after the other in order to meet the growing requirements of the market.

Considering such positive impact from EVs towards environment and social benefits we see well established innovators, entrepreneurs are evolving new business models on emerging technologies around the electric vehicle segment for its faster and successful adoption.

By M Natish Reddy –  Joint Managing Director,  NDS Eco Motors Pvt Ltd

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