We Will Usher In The Era Of Electric Mobility, Especially In The Business Segment, Faster Than It Would Happen Otherwise: Kedar Soman, Co-founder CTO – eBikeGo


In an exclusive interview with EMobility+, Mr. Kedar Soman – Co-founder CTO, eBikeGo gave us some great insights into the company’s internal and external success factors. He told us about the latest funding raised by eBikeGo and its technological advancements. He also spoke about the role the company is going to play in the EV sector in the coming years.

Since the launch, your company has really grown and become one of the promising names in the EV sector. What according to you have been the major factors that propelled the company towards success?

The major factors are as follows

Internal: I think we have a great team. We have found people whose vision is in strong sync with each other. We have formed the right partnerships.

External: I think as far as the government, big players like Amazon, everyone is waking up to a reality that the switch to electric vehicles is imminent and they are looking for partnership with companies like ours. The market and policy winds are favorable to us.

Recently, eBikeGo raised $1.5 million in pre-series A to expand EVs for last mile delivery. Please tell us more about it.

As we were coming out of Covid first wave, we got some strong investor interest and we decided to go ahead and conduct a fundraising round. Our fundraising round overshot our target. Some of our earlier investors put in additional money, so that was a strong vote of confidence. We were very encouraged by that.

What are your EV goals and ambitions for the current year 2021?

Our ambition is to be the biggest company in the mobility service area. We are planning to grow our fleet by multifold. We are planning to expand our presence in multiple new cities in India. We have also received interest from abroad, but we want to grow in a controlled way.

What are some technology advancements that you have made recently that you plan to grow further in the coming years?

We are working on fleet management technology that is state of the art. This technology will allow us precise tracking of vehicles as well as detailed insight into behavior of the vehicle and driver while it is on road. Such a technology will be key for people to gain confidence in electric vehicles.

 What role do you see eBikeGo playing in the Indian EV industry in the next couple of years?

eBikeGo will play the role of accelerator. We will usher in the era of electric mobility, especially in the business segment, faster than it would happen otherwise. In the process, we will create value by means of  which every stakeholder, our team, our investors, larger community that we are part of , and the planet earth, stands to benefit.

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