Startup ReadyAssist To Give Roadside Assistance To EVs Across 5,000 Locations

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ReadyAssist which is a roadside assistance start-up firm recently said it plans to provide its service to electric vehicles (EV) across 5,000 locations in India. The company will enable an umbrella of services under one platform for the EV owners, who can get assistance for services such as battery swapping and on-the-spot charging services through its mobile charge units. 

Mr. Vimal Singh, ReadyAssist Founder and Chief Executive Officer said there are many challenges that need to be addressed for a successful adaptation of EV starting from getting the right product to winning customer mindshare, competency building, service and support network, charging network and roadside assistance (RSA) network among others.

He commented – “We at ReadyAssist are trying to solve the challenge in competency building, setting up a charging network and adding EV specific RSA by cross leveraging our existing network and infrastructure in addition to our regular RSA and accidental recovery support.” 

The company is also planning to facilitate funding options to its existing mechanic’s partners in order to enable them to open their own micro charging kiosks at home to support EV owners across urban and rural areas. Such micro charge stations will be connected through the company’s technology platform and made available to customers through the subscription model.

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