A New Case Study From Mike Albert Fleet Solutions Reveals The Key To The Success Of Columbus Yellow Cab’s Transition To Fleet Electrification

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Mike Albert Fleet Solutions, one of the nation’s top leaders in fleet electrification and electric vehicle (EV) fleet management, just released a case study about Columbus Yellow Cab’s evolution from internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles to EVs and hybrids.

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The study’s release celebrates the three-year anniversary of the business relationship between Columbus Yellow Cab and Mike Albert Fleet Solutions. In March of 2018, Morgan Kauffman, CEO and owner of Columbus Yellow Cab, decided it was time to do what’s right for the planet and move away from ICE vehicles. Knowing that the shift to fleet electrification would be a job too big and specialized for anyone at his company, Kauffman contacted the EV experts at Mike Albert Fleet Solutions for help.

 “Mike Albert was extremely flexible when helping us not only organize the finances of switching to EVs, but also to locate all the EVs that we needed,” says Kauffman.

Over the years, Mike Albert Fleet Solutions has developed close working relationships with several OEMs in the EV space, including Tesla. The good will Mike Albert Fleet Solutions has built with Tesla made it possible for them to acquire 30 Tesla Model 3s for Kauffman, making Columbus Yellow Cab the first third-party Tesla shop in the world.

The result of Columbus Yellow Cab’s “electric” transformation has been very rewarding for them. The total cost of ownership for their vehicles—the cost of owning a vehicle that includes fuel, maintenance, depreciation costs and more—has decreased significantly.

Plus, having a fleet full of EVs and hybrids has provided them with an environmentally-responsible reputation that gives them an advantage over competitors in the transportation-as-a-service industry.

“We’re excited that EVs and fleet electrification initiatives have become top of mind for businesses like Columbus Yellow Cab and government agencies that have carbon footprint reduction initiatives and want a lower total cost of ownership. We’re proud to lead in this growing segment of the industry and help our clients realize the benefits of a zero-emission fleet,” says Nate Shadoin, Director, Sales & Fleet Electrification at Mike Albert Fleet Solutions.

Mike Albert Fleet Solutions has been active in the automotive electrification movement for the past ten years in pursuit of their mission to empower fleet clients to achieve their sustainability goals and improve their ROI with EVs. Through immense research and experience, their team has acquired extensive EV expertise including:

-Flexible financing terms for EVs
-Monetization of EV incentives, grants and tax credits
-TCO and ROI data collection and reporting for EV fleets
-Assistance with charging needs via charging infrastructure and consultation partners

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