TEMSA Launches Its Electric Vehicles In Romania


New electric bus sales represent another breakthrough for TEMSA, which will deliver four Avenue Electron buses by the end of 2021 after winning a tender in Buzău, Romania

After completing its first electric bus sale in Sweden in recent months, TEMSA is strengthening its position in global markets with further sales. Last July, the company won an electric bus tender held by the city of Buzău, Romania, outperforming its global competitors with a proposal focused on its electric vehicle model, the Avenue Electron. As part of this call for tenders, TEMSA will deliver four Avenue Electron electric buses by 2021.This delivery also includes the supply of two charging stations of 150 kW and 480 kW to the city.

TEMSA’s electric vehicles will hit the road in Romania

Hakan Koralp, Head of Sales and Marketing at TEMSA, underlines TEMSA’s position as a world leader in the field of electric vehicles and states: “We have been developing technologies in the field of electric vehicles for many years. ., We seek to contribute to the future of transportation and the sustainability of our world. “

A stronger company thanks to its partners

Thanks to the partnerships with Sabancı Holding, as well as PPF Group and its sister company Škoda Transportation, Mr. Koralp explains that TEMSA will be much more successful in the electric vehicle sector in the future. He adds: “We are continuing our efforts to strengthen our position in foreign markets, particularly in Europe., while leveraging the knowledge of our partners and their competitive power in international markets. Electrification is the most important subject in the world of transport today. We will continue to develop concept-driven automotive technologies by placing research, development and innovation at the heart of our growth strategy, and we will continue our efforts to export globally a diverse range of vehicles that are ready for series production. “

Charges in just nine minutes 

  • TEMSA unveiled Avenue Electron, the electric bus model that will hit the roads of the Romanian city of Buzău in 2021, at the 2018 Commercial Vehicle Show in Hanover, Germany.
  • Measuring 12 meters long, the vehicle has 35 seats and can accommodate 85 passengers.
  • In addition, its fast charge function allows it to cover a distance of 230 kilometers on a full charge. The vehicle can also achieve a range of 90 kilometers on a nine-minute charge. These characteristics make Avenue Electron an advantageous transport solution, especially in urban areas.

Single pedal system for 15% more reach 

An innovative aspect of the Avenue Electron is its single-pedal driving system. Instead of having one pedal to accelerate and another to brake, the vehicle has only one accelerator pedal. Connected to the battery, the pedal allows the driver to accelerate, slow down or even stop the vehicle when he takes his foot off the pedal. This technology not only increases the range of the vehicle by up to 15 percent, but also reduces the cost of brake maintenance as well as the service life of the vehicles.

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