HiPhi Named Exclusive Sponsor Strategic Partner Of 2021 Spartan Race In China


HiPhi, Human Horizons’ premium smart all-electric vehicle brand, has been granted exclusive naming rights for the popular 2021 Spartan Race in China. With a mission to help people ‘push their limits’, the strategic partnership will seek to set a precedence for the relationship between high-end sporting events and vehicle brands by bringing the two groups together through promotional events and a range of overlapping branding activities.

The Spartan Race is a world-famous obstacle trail running event. Founded in 2007, events now take place in over 30 countries and have seen tens of millions of participants compete in the grueling combination of marathon and obstacle course. Initially established with the intention of providing an accessible yet challenging physical race for a wide audience, Spartan events have grown to encompass the spiritual side of making healthy choices and leading an active life.

Reflecting on the partnership, Human Horizons and HiPhi Founder Ding Lei, said “The strategic cooperation between HiPhi and the Spartan Race is about much more than naming rights. The mission of helping people to achieve their best and push forward to greater heights is something we as a company also feel strongly about. The partnership is a way for us to challenge ourselves to be better and show the world our unbreakable spirit.”

Looking to further integrate the partnership, the Spartan Race is offering an exclusive ‘Aim High Training Course’ for HiPhi X customers. The course covers the skills and methods of daily training, information about the race, and an offline physical fitness training camp. The best performers will be invited to attend the Spartan Race and form a HiPhi team. In addition, the two brands have also partnered to organize the ‘HiPhi Children’s Race’, which is an opportunity for little warriors to push themselves and grow.

Set to be rolled out across the country throughout 2021, Human Horizons’ HiPhi X Super SUV will be present at all events. The vehicle will not only be there as a support vehicle for the event, it will also be used as a smart companion to athletes on their journey; helping them go further and push their own limits.

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