Melbourne To Adelaide Connected By Chargefox’s Ultra-Rapid Station


Chargefox’s latest ultra-rapid station has just opened in Horsham, which means EV drivers in both Victoria and South Australia can now travel between the states without any long charging stops (subject to local travel restrictions). Chargefox Horsham is the seventh ultra-rapid station to open in Victoria, and connects with the recently opened Murray Bridge and Keith stations in South Australia to allow easy travel between the two cities. Whilst it might be a while until we can visit our neighbouring states, we’re continuing to expand our charging network, ready to support more EV road trips
in the future.

The world-leading charging technology at Chargefox Horsham is powered by 100% renewable energy, just like our other 15 ultra-rapid stations across the country. Australian EV drivers now have access to charging along the Western Highway and beyond, safe in the knowledge they are supported by Australia’s largest EV charging network. EV drivers can simply download the free Chargefox app to access our network on the go.

‘Our EV charging network is constantly expanding, and our new station in Horsham is an important step on the road to reducing Australia’s road transport emissions. Our size as Australia’s largest EV charging network has allowed us to manage more than 140,000 charging sessions and power almost 2 million carbon-free kilometres. We’re making it as easy as possible for Australians to purchase EVs, in turn helping to create a cleaner future for us all.’

Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change Lily D’Ambrosio also noted the importance of the Chargefox network in supporting the uptake of Electric Vehicles in Australia. “Chargefox’s seven stations across Victoria will help build confidence to make the move to sustainable vehicles and power our electric future.”

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