ALYI and Canoo target the final mile electric delivery Vehicle market


Alternet Systems, Inc. again highlighted the latest electric vehicle industry news about subscription electric van startup Canoo Holdings going public through a SPAC merger with Hennessy Capital Acquisition IV . The deal values Canoo at $2.4 billion. The most recent news from Canoo emphasizes the high potential for electric delivery vehicles to fill the final mile delivery market echoing ALYI’s preceding electric vehicle delivery strategy.

Last month, ALYI confirmed plans for producing and selling electric delivery trucks in Africa made of hemp and powered by hemp batteries. The company CEO Dr. Randell Torno, first announced the electric delivery vehicles last September in an interview with the CEO of the Africa Development Organization, Libasse Diop Dia. In the interview, the two CEO’s discussed the industrialization of Africa with a focus on the development of clean, sustainable energy. 

ALYI electric delivery vehicle is part of ALYI’s overall comprehensive, long-term electric mobility business strategy focused on rapidly expanding into the market in Sub-Saharan Africa. The strategy begins with the production of ALYI’s proprietary ReVolt Electric Motorcycle designed for a rugged environment and to support the multi passenger Ride-Share industry in Africa already recognized by Uber and Lyft.

ALYI recently introduced the RevoltTOKEN cryptocurrency dedicated to funding ALYI’s $300 million electric vehicle (EV) initiative in Africa. RevoltTOKEN has a current $25 million investment commitment to ALYI as part of an overall planned initial cryptocurrency offering intended to raise $100 million for investment into ALYI.

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