Twisted introduces a high-voltage lineup of customizable electric 4×4 vehicles in North America

Twisted is introducing a high-voltage lineup of customizable electric 4x4 vehicles into the North American market. The stylish Soft-Top 90 shape, exclusive electric powertrain, 200-mile battery range and an unmistakable presence deliver an exclusivity factor that will turn heads at beaches, in the dirt and on the road. Reservations and orders may be placed now by calling 1-800-832-8841 – or inquiring via the website at

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— Limited run of 30 vehicles: Each vehicle hand-built and individually numbered. Compliant with all North American EV Regulations and California CARB regulations

— The Twisted NAS-E 4×4 lineup is born from the timeless Land Rover® Defender® legend, electrifying America with an unrivaled combination of proprietary and precision engineering, timeless custom design, practical 200-mile battery range and head-turning beach, off-road and street presence

— Designed as a nod to the original North American Specification (NAS) short wheelbase Soft-Top 90 body type – featuring exclusive electric powertrain technology, high-voltage power, luxurious interior touches, everyday drivability, painstaking attention to detail

— Refundable deposit to secure a slot, with first test drives available early October and an overall build lead time of nine months

Twisted – engineers of striking, iconic 4x4s featuring proprietary and precision engineering, fashion-worthy custom design and timeless British Defender® DNA – is introducing a high-voltage lineup of customizable electric 4×4 vehicles into the North American market. The stylish Soft-Top 90 shape, exclusive electric powertrain, 200-mile battery range and an unmistakable presence deliver an exclusivity factor that will turn heads at beaches, in the dirt and on the road.

  • “As the world moves steadily toward mass electrification, the Californian market has been missing a uniquely stylish electric 4×4 option that can stand out at the beach, off-road and at stoplights with a level of exclusivity and prestige that can only come from the timeless British Defender® form. With color schemes reflecting the natural beauty of California, a removable soft top shape to fully live the elements, advanced electric powertrain engineering exclusive to Twisted, zero-emission power, practical battery range and luxuriously modern interior touches, the Twisted NAS-E is the ultimate expression of the American coastal lifestyle.”
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The Twisted NAS-E: High Voltage Presence.

The NAS-E is the ultimate expression of individuality when it comes to standing out in an ocean of luxury electric SUVs, while still prioritizing reliability and everyday drivability.

NAS-E is the first hero vehicle of the Twisted Legacy collection, a re-imagining of the original North American-specification Land Rover® Defender© – built by Twisted Automotive. The lineup consists of two trim levels: NAS-E and NAS-E Plus.

  • Top-level technical specifications: A fully electric, zero-emissions certified direct-drive system propels the full lineup of Twisted NAS-E models into the future. A clean and robust powertrain includes U.S.-made electric motors that deliver power on demand whenever and wherever its needed.
    • Compliant with North American EV regulations and California CARB regulations.
    • Stimulating Power Options:
      • NAS-E: Remy Borg-Warner motor delivering more than 380 newton-meters (280 pound-feet) of torque and 214 brake horsepower.
      • NAS-E Plus: Performance increases to 420 newton-meters (309 pound-feet) of torque and 320 brake horsepower.
    • Charging and Practical Range: 22 kilowatt-hour charging system – with fast charging also available. Access to public charging infrastructure and a 60-kilowatt-hour battery pack provides a 200-mile battery range delivering practicality that matches gas-powered vehicles.
    • Progressive Suspension: Custom-valved dampers, superior traction, dramatically reduced understeer and suspension travel retained for off-road capability.
    • Performance Braking: Twisted Performance six-piston front brakes and four-piston rear brakes, hard-use RS29 brake pads, ABS and TCS for increased traction.
    • Performance Drivetrain: Uprated componentry to handle increased torque figures, four-wheel drive gear-reduction direct transmission – featuring a step-down transfer case for high and low-range use.
  • Open-air form and California-inspired color options:
    • Based on the iconic NAS short wheelbase 90 Soft-Top.
    • The California Series will make up the first available models – with production limited to just 30 units, 10 in each color choice.
    • Available in three unique color options: Malibu, Yosemite and Tahoe. Each hue is inspired by a timeless California landscape.
      • Malibu embodies the beautiful yellow sands of coastal California.
      • Yosemite draws inspiration from the natural wilderness across one of California’s most famous national parks.
      • Tahoe emulates the alpine lakeside of Lake Tahoe in Northern California.
  • NAS-E Features:
    • Cream leather seats featuring Alston Alcantara inserts.
    • Three-seat bench across the front row with detachable headrests.
    • 4x tip ups located in the load area.
    • Twisted Sport Wheels finished in silver.
    • Twisted Stage One frontend.
    • NAS roll cage and Bimini hood.
    • Full infotainment system.
    • EV system management touchscreen.
    • Raptored ‘spray down’ unique flooring.
    • Air conditioning.
  • NAS-E Plus:
    • All features included from NAS-E.
    • Power increase to 320 brake horsepower.
    • NAS brush bar.
    • NAS side steps.
    • Roll-bar spotlights.
    • NAS-E body stripe decal.
    • Black side stills.
  • Refined Interior: NAS-E and NAS-E Plus reshape the perception of a lifestyle-focused EV interior. The lineup is designed to go anywhere, anytime and features modern, luxurious amenities and soft-touch materials previously reserved for supercars.
    • Seating:
      • NAS-E and NAS-E Plus feature leather and Alston seats that are part of an interior designed to keep the end-user cool, while being much easier to clean.
    • Infotainment and Entertainment:
      • EV system management: Sport, Eco and Off-road modes.
      • Touch-screen infotainment and navigation.
      • Enhanced splash screen with unique function readouts.
      • Rearview camera with wide angle.
      • Exclusive Twisted eight-channel audio system: Italian designed, UK developed and built specifically for Twisted vehicles.
      • Security: GPS tracker and vehicle immobilizer. Companion app enables live monitoring and security features.
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