The ‘MotherBox’ by Yank Technologies First to Receive FCC Certification for Contactless Wireless Charging Solution


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– Achieves first-ever FCC certification status for a contactless wireless charging product for mobile devices

– Confirms technology has safe radiation exposure and operates in the frequency band permitted by the FCC

New York-based start-up company, Yank Technologies, announced its contactless, wireless charging product, the MotherBox, is officially certified by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). This marks the first time a device of this nature has received the certification.

Yank Technologies first introduced the MotherBox concept, the first true wireless charger with no contact required, in 2017. The MotherBox operates with a receiver and can charge multiple devices at once, is both Android and iOS compatible, and allows free movement of the devices being charged.

Josh Yank, CEO of Yank Technologies, Inc. commented that, they were thrilled to receive the FCC certification and further validated the safety and convenience of their unique wireless charging solutions. Prior to receiving the FCC certification, they passed a critical barometer for safety – the radiation exposure exams, which showed that the radiation absorption of their technology was actually lower than that of a smartphone.

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By scoring a Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) value well below the limit of 1.6W/kg, the company proved its technology – made up of a unique three-dimensional antenna architecture and amplifiers – met FCC radiation limitations for electrical devices. The latest phase of the FCC certification process verified Part 18 compliance and officially confirmed the technology met all safety standards.

Josh added that, this certification had further set them apart from other wireless charging technologies, and would enhance their efforts to provide a high-power, scalable and wireless charging solution to new industries, including the automotive market where they saw a great potential for charging passenger devices on the road.

At CES 2020 in January, the company unveiled its evolution of the MotherBox technology as the first high power, near field wireless charging solution for the automotive sector. With the ability to do the job barrier-free, efficiently and safely, the company used an interactive center console display to showcase how the technology can be installed as original equipment throughout the vehicle and charge multiple mobile devices wirelessly at once while they’re in use and without contact. Its one-of-a-kind amplifiers enable the company’s technology to handle a variety of distances, unpredictable device positions and reflections. Beyond charging mobile devices, Yank Technologies plans to use its technology to power high-power-consumption vehicle parts and electronics to reduce assembly costs and wiring throughout the vehicle. In fact, the technology is designed to be versatile and fit the contours of any part while also combatting extreme heat.

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