EV Connect Partners with Greenlots to Enable Convenient Access to EV Charging Stations Across North America


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Roaming implementation of the two largest open-standards-based charging networks now allows drivers to use both company’s charge stations.

To improve the electric vehicle (EV) driver experience, EV Connect and Greenlots, a member of the Shell Group, have announced the completion of the driver roaming integration between the companies’ charging networks. Built on a previously announced agreement for inter-network roaming, users of the EV Connect charging smartphone application will be able to locate, initiate sessions, and pay for charging at Greenlots charge stations and vice-versa, later this year.

“We use open standards to make charging network interoperability a centerpiece of improving range confidence for EV drivers, and this milestone with Greenlots makes a significant contribution to that effort,” said Jordan Ramer, CEO of EV Connect. “The growth and success of the EV industry are dependent on providing a driver experience that is equal to or better than the experience of hydrocarbon-fueled vehicles. We were thrilled to see Greenlots charging stations appear in the EV Connect app and that our respective users will be able to enjoy the convenience of so many more charging opportunities without having to install and configure yet another app.”

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As part of each company’s commitment to open standards, EV Connect and Greenlots will use the Open Charge Point Interface (OCPI) interoperability standard to allow seamless communications between the two networks using structured data. The OCPI standard enables communication among charging networks and makes it possible to establish highly functional, cross-network roaming without charge station hardware upgrades or extensive rework of network software. This relationship enables each network’s customers to access and use both Greenlots and EV Connect charging stations through either network’s mobile app with no additional sign-ups, fees, or markups. Combining the two networks will improve EV driver confidence by providing access to thousands more EV charging stations across North America.

“The once-fragmented EV charging industry continues to mature and accelerate towards delivering a seamless charging experience, and this roaming agreement is further evidence,” said Jeff Tolnar, Greenlots Chief Revenue Officer. “We believe that the Open Charge Point Interface is critical to serving the surging customer demand for EV charging. The entire EV industry benefits when drivers can charge their EVs without the burden of managing multiple accounts or worrying about complicated surcharges.”

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