Tritium to install 20 Tritium RT50/50kW DC Fast Chargers for the City of Pasadena


The Rooftop Marengo Charging Lot is now home to 44 fast-charging stations

To provide energy freedom to electric vehicle (EV) drivers in urban areas, Tritium, a global leader in DC fast charging technologies, was awarded a contract from the City of Pasadena, California to install 20 Tritium RT50/50kW DC Fast Chargers. The addition of the 20 fast chargers, in combination with 24 Tesla superchargers, has made the Marengo Charging Plaza the largest public-access DC Fast Charging location in the U.S. The Rooftop Marengo Charging Lot is located at 155 East Green St. and houses 44 DC Fast-Charging stations.

PWP Assistant General Manager, Marvin Moon commented that, they believed that Fast-Charging facilities like the Marengo Charging Plaza would provide Pasadena residents and commuters with the confidence they need to drive electric. The company appreciates Tritium’s staff for the support they have given PWP both during and after construction to help ensure a great customer experience.

In the short time before this official announcement, the chargers already logged more than 7,000 unique charging sessions combined. Until May 31, 2020, the City’s fast-chargers are free of charge for EV drivers who pay to park in the garage. After that time, customers of the garage can pay for the service using a credit card, Greenlots EV Charging Network, Apple Pay, Google Pay, or a Tap and Go Credit Card. To complete an 80 percent charge with the Tritium 50kW charger, it takes EV owners an average of 30 minutes.

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Mike Calise, Tritium’s President of the Americas stated that, the true energy freedom could only be realized when we no longer have to plan for a complete battery fill-up. Tritium is driving this, but considering all the stakeholders involved in this groundbreaking project, it’s the City of Pasadena that’s the real leader for making it possible in 2020. He also added that, DC applications were expanding well beyond corridor or city-to-city connections and the location served EV driver needs at a much higher energy level for a typical destination or dwell time stay. Installations like these are changing the way drivers think about dwell charging. It’s a super-fast dwell charger available on Main Street America. At the end of the day, it did not take until the end of the day to fill up! The company is passionate about making ‘DC Everywhere’ happen.

Pasadena Water and Power (PWP) manages and owns the Tritium stations. The community-owned non-profit utility is on track to have a 50 percent green portfolio by 2030 with hydro, solar, and wind power already a part of its energy mix. Part of PWP’s green strategy is to promote the adoption of electric transportation. Every car that transitions from gasoline to electricity results in a 75 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), even counting those from power plants. As the grid gets cleaner, so does our transportation fuel.

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The design of the Tritium RT50/50kW fast-chargers installed at the Marengo location fits into compact spaces and existing structures typical of Level 2 A.C. chargers. They operate over a wide range of environmental conditions, including temperature, humidity, and corrosive conditions. The chargers have a wide operating temperature range of -31 to +122 degrees Fahrenheit and offer ingress protection of IP65, NEMA 3R. The fast charger is liquid-cooled which controls heat and reduces wear on internal components, providing for a longer system life for the charger and a higher return on investment for owners.

The fast-charging location is a part of PWP’s award-winning Power UP Pasadena initiative. The campaign highlights PWP’s new EV incentive program, which offers residents up to $750 in rebates for new or used, purchase or leased EVs, and up to $600 in rebates for the installation of EV charging infrastructure. Since the start of the campaign, PWP has received more than double the EV incentive applications. This increased commitment to green living and sustainable communities further propels Pasadena into the future.

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