We at NDS Eco Motors remain completely focused and work only on High Powered, High quality 2 wheeler’s.


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 Please brief about the portfolio of products & services provided for the EV  Sector?

We at NDS Eco Motors remain completely focussed and work only on High Powered, High quality 2 wheelers. Our Vision & Mission is to bring in the electric vehicle product as an alternate to the existing ICEs. We want our products to be the people’s first choice and not an alternate choice. Our plan to launch the new model in June 2020 got postponed and we now reschedule the launch by the end of 2020. We are associated with the major top automobile suppliers in India and with successful completion of requirements and design our first sample prototype is getting ready. Our upcoming model is being built with steady and rigidity design with high ground clearance, spacious boot space, safety ergonomics and also is a suitable product for the Smart Cities with IOS, CAN BUS protocol, Bluetooth connectivity, safety aspects, mobile app, etc. 

Thus we are targeting complete 100% MADE IN INDIA products into the market with the finest quality, high speed, power, instant torque, range and various advanced specifications and technical features. 

We have planned for various marketing activities and promotional events in order to create EV awareness and educate the public on performance, low maintenance, cost savings, environmental concern, etc. We are currently offering 3 free services, door step services in order to gain the customers confidence on EVs reliability and durability. 

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What is your future plan for the Indian Market?

We believe there is an increased need to prepare for a green future for Indian mobility and reduce the dependence on imported crude oil. However any future technology needs some time to strengthen the roots. 

We are making a serious commitment towards innovation and investment in the manufacturing, R&D, marketing and promotional activities, to launch the products and exclusive NDS showrooms across PAN India. We are ready to boost with a clear road map for the launch of a full range of variants that will connect with the growing requirements and advanced specifications for both B2C and B2B markets. 

What do you think of charging infrastructure in India, What can be done to accelerate its growth?

i. Charging Infrastructure is the critical necessity for the EV ecosystem inorder to achieve faster adoption of EVs in the Indian market. 

ii. The infrastructure is to be made with proper selection of location, vendors, proper site operations, payment and service providers. 

iii. To ensure no sort of complex or miscommunication to happen between the vehicle and charging connectors. 

iv. All the related communications, hardware and software aspects need to be kept open and standardized across the country. 

v. Creating a common based knowledge and educating the consumers as well as infrastructure stakeholders leads to increase in product sales as well as investment in Charging Infrastructure.  

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Which area of the EV sector needs priority attention in the development of the EV sector?

i. Loans/Finance options for the end users to purchase the EVs at lesser ROI.

ii. Tax exemptions across PAN India for EVs.

iii. Battery Recycling or buy back policies.

iv. Finance support to the EV manufacturers by the Central & Nationalized banks

v. Setting up cell manufacturing in India maintaining reliability and high quality. As we see the consistency of batteries today are not upto the mark. 

What do you think are the untapped opportunities which need to be explored in the EV sector? 

i. A proper order has to be passed onto all the banking and finance sectors to provide the loans to any EV buyer with lesser ROI and also to ensure the procedures to be as simple as in opting loans for ICEs.

ii. Creating a potential market for battery recycling business.

iii. Immediate promotion on Charging Infrastructure.

iv. Benefits for the fleet and logistics operators for having the EVs in their fleet.

How will The Current Pandemic Accelerate Growth Of India’s Electric Vehicle Ecosystem? 

The current lockdown has resulted in a severe impact on the automobile sales across the globe. Post covid brings in personal transportation and thus also raises the concern towards a green and hygiene environment. This might bring in the interest towards EVs.  As far as the concern towards manufacturing, local sourcing and local R&D will be considered. A promising EV product will be chosen on priority considering environment benefits, cost savings, easy and smooth rides. 

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Any closing remarks for our readers?

Electric mobility being a new technology in the market, it is advisable to the consumer to have test drives, understand the basic usage, better riding condition, self maintenance, simple precautions on charging,etc. I request all to choose the right product and also promote and educate others on the easy maintenance, cost savings, safety aspects, health, environmental benefits and the rightly built  MADE IN INDIA product irrespective of cost differentiation as currently EVs are only initial investment and offer low maintenance over the usage period and thus the returns on the investment is much faster. 

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