2022 might witness a significant increase in EV fleets


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With 88% of the largest fleets planning to purchase EVs in the next 12 months, and over half of fleets predicting to purchase at least one EV by 2021 the momentum towards electrification is clear. However, UK fleets are predicted to play catch-up on their infrastructure whilst anticipating a raft of new electric car model launches which is driving confidence in the switch to electric, states the report of ResearchAndMarkets.com.

SMEs indicate a cautious approach to EVs influenced by essential use drivers and prohibitive purchase price. With the introduction of Clean Air Zones cited as a primary driver for van fleets to consider switching to electric it is important to understand how decision-making is influenced within organisations.

The “EV Report 2020” identifies the business rationale behind decisions to adopt EVs, motivations to change and influencing factors that inform communications. The report is designed in landscape format to aid charting and infographics. Over 300 online interviews were conducted with SMEs and corporate fleets, whist seven focus groups provide unique insight on the requirements for fleets to switch.

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By 2022 businesses with fleets of all sizes expect to be ordering significant numbers of electric vehicles. In 50-plus car fleets as many as 40% of new cars could be electric within three years.

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