Pfizer Selects EV ARC™ Solar-Powered EV Charging Station For Sustainable Workplace Charging


Envision Solar International, Inc., the leading producer of unique and sustainable infrastructure products for electric vehicle charging, energy security and outdoor media, announced that Pfizer, Inc. has deployed the Company’s EV ARC™, off-grid, solar-powered EV charger to provide workplace charging for its employees and guests in its Pearl River, New York office location.  

Pfizer selected an EV ARC™ model equipped with three Enel Level II chargers which is capable of charging three electric vehicles simultaneously. Certain EV ARC™ models are capable of charging as many as six EVs at a time and can reach ten spaces when deployed in dual parking aisles. The EV ARC™ products’ zero-construction deployment enabled Pfizer to save money by avoiding construction and electrical costs. The 100% solar-generated electricity saves money on avoided utility bills and enables Pfizer’s employees to Drive on Sunshine, fully emissions free.  

“Workplace charging is, after government fleet vehicle charging, our largest source of revenue,” said Desmond Wheatley, CEO of Envision Solar. “As we see the fantastic array of new EVs coming to market in 2020 and beyond we anticipate a significant increase in the need for workplace charging as more employees transition from gas or diesel to electric. They give up nothing by making the switch, and when they work for visionary organizations like Pfizer, and our other corporate customers, they get to drive on sunshine, often for free.”

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According to the Department of Transportation, eight out of ten commuters travel twenty-four or less miles as part of their daily commute. As many as six such employees, plugged into an EV ARC™ at the same time, can receive a full replacement of their commuting range every day while they are at their desks. As demand grows, adding EV ARC™ units requires no planning, construction or electrical upgrades.

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