Ideanomics’ MEG Announces Strategic Agreement with Leading EV Heavy Truck and Bus Manufacturer, BeiBen Heavy Truck


Ideanomics is pleased to announce a strategic framework agreement with leading EV heavy truck and bus manufacturer, BeiBen Heavy Truck Co. Ltd (“BeiBen”). The framework agreement is designed to establish a long-term strategic partnership that will create a strategic platform to increase the speed and efficiency of commercial vehicle adoption. The framework agreement is preliminary in nature and its implementation will be subject to legally binding definitive transaction documents to be negotiated and entered into between Ideanomics and BeiBen.

Under the agreement, BeiBen will provide electric heavy truck manufacturing, research and development, sales, operations, and other resources. MEG will provide its existing new energy vehicle platform including its financial services network, marketing capabilities, government relationships, and partners upstream and downstream including in Southeast Asia.

The scope of the BeiBen/MEG cooperation includes, but is not limited to:

  • Facilitating electric heavy-duty truck sales in China, starting with Inner Mongolia mines and the port of Qingdao
  • Partnership to expand into Southeast Asia through Treeletrik
  • Broad financing partnership such as establishing funds to facilitate enterprise purchases, asset securitization, and advisory services
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Ideanomics’ MEG has also commenced EV truck customer testing and is currently completing full operation trials with select mines.

“Heavy trucks, like those used in mining, comprise a small fraction of vehicles used in commercial fleet operations and yet are responsible for contributing a disproportionately large amount of the pollutants released into the environment. We are proud to collaborate with BeiBen, a leading truck manufacturer committed to EV advancement, who will bring a tremendous amount of strategic value and resources to our manufacturing partners alliance for the benefit of our commercial fleet customers,” said Ideanomics CEO Alf Poor.

“MEG’s comprehensive commercial EV solutions complements our leading EV manufacturing capabilities and industry expertise. This symbiotic partnership will accelerate the pace of clean energy vehicle adoption and meaningfully improve the environment,” added BeiBen Chairman Fan Zhiping.

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