NRS Brakes Releases NRS EV Galvanized Brake Pads Engineered for Tesla Model 3


NRS Brakes has launched its NRS EV – Galvanized Brake Pads for Tesla Model 3. The first kit of its kind, it’s a brake pad specifically engineered for hybrid and electric vehicles.

“Your EV doesn’t brake like your old car used to. You need a new kind of brake pad.“ Troy Hylton, VP Global Engineering

Despite the exploding popularity of hybrids and EVs, manufacturers have been slow to adapt their products to take into account the reduced use of brake pad friction due to regenerative braking. Only NRS Brakes have specifically engineered their new EV brake pads to account for less frequent moisture dissipation and increased corrosion risk typical of EV and hybrid brake pads. NRS Brakes’ formulation extends the life of the brake pad, reducing replacement costs and improving overall performance.

Given the often expensive nature of EV brake replacement, NRS EV Galvanized Brake Pads offer the longest lasting and most affordable option for EV owners based on total cost of ownership over the life of their vehicle.

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“We wanted to create a brake pad that was as helpful to the environment as your EV.”

NRS Brakes has always crafted premium brake pads that meet the highest possible standards for environmental safety and sustainability. Unlike competitors whose painted brake pads deposit copper, rust and lead in our soil and water supplies, NRS EV brake pads are galvanized so are paint free, copper-free and lead-free. Manufactured in Canada, NRS EV are the world’s greenest brake pads – tested and certified in North America’s leading R&D laboratories.

Environmentally Safe, Uncompromised Performance

NRS EV Galvanized Brake Pads for Tesla Model 3 fits model years 2017 through 2020. It’s one of over 60 new parts for 2020 makes and models.

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