Statkraft Acquires Norwegian EV Charging Company Grønn Kontakt

Statkraft takes full control of the EV charging company Grønn Kontakt.

The acquisition strengthens Grønn Kontakt in the Nordics and positions Statkraft for further growth within the European charging market.

Norway is among the world’s most mature markets for electric vehicle charging, and Grønn Kontakt is in a leading position, with ten years of experience in this market. Statkraft is Europe’s largest producer of renewable energy, with ambitious growth plans and ambitions to contribute to the transition to a renewable energy sector.

“Electric vehicles will change the power industry in Europe, and to achieve an emission free transport sector, renewable energy must be used to charge electric vehicles. It is time to further develop Norway’s and Grønn Kontakt’s strong position, and to use our expertise and our competitive advantage to drive the electrification of the transport sector forward,” says Christian Rynning-Tønnesen, President and CEO of Statkraft.

Statkraft has been a co-owner of Grønn Kontakt since 2012. With the acquisition of Agder Energi’s shareholding Statkraft increases its shareholding to close to 96 per cent. The remaining shareholders will be offered to sell their shares. Statkraft has a clear ambition to support further growth of the company through expanding the network of fast chargers across in Norway.

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The past few years Statkraft has positioned itself in the German EV charging market with the acquisitions of E-WALD and eeMobility and is evaluating activities in the UK. In these markets Statkraft is already present with energy production and comprehensive market operations.

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