Neuron EV Paves the Way for An Electric Future

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The transportation industry is currently at a crossroads, as consumers begin to transition to electric vehicles.

The industry today is worth $10 trillion dollars, and the electric vehicle market is projected to reach 27 million units by 2030, growing vastly from an estimated 3 million units in 2019. The global electric utility vehicle market has been valued at $15 billion dollars in 2018 and is anticipated to reach $255 billion dollars by 2025.

Copyright © 2019 Neuron EV. All rights reserved.
Copyright © 2019 Neuron EV. All rights reserved.

At the center of the electric vehicle revolution is Neuron EV, a California electric vehicle company established in 2017. CEO Edward Lee created the organization as a means of solving basic transportation problems viewed from the customer’s perspective.

Neuron EV began as a global research effort to understand the public’s views on transportation. Results showed that some of the main issues were in vehicle technology, with transportation or the vehicle itself deemed a compromise to people’s lifestyles which are now empowered by the latest gadgets and ubiquitous internet access.

The unpredictable cost of fuel, vehicle ownership, and maintenance were revealed to be other critical issues, and not surprisingly, people unanimously expressed growing concerns on production waste, traffic, and vehicle emissions.

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Born out of this revelatory research was Neuron EV, a symbol of unity, a connector, and a company committed towards a different direction from the traditional automotive industry.

Neuron EV aims to break the chain of repetition to enrich people’s lives through innovations in the Electric Utility Vehicle market. The company plans to usher in a new trend of easy-to-drive multi-purpose vehicles that will revolutionize land travel.

Governments around the world are encouraging support for EVs, which together with utility vehicles, are the two fastest growing segments in the transport sector.

Personal vehicles are considered necessities, with over 70 million passenger cars produced in 2018. But customer sentiments of purchasing a new vehicle are reaching new lows. Much attributed to continuous leaps in internet and mobile technology, customers are now looking for new innovations in personal vehicles, and Neuron EV is driven to deliver.

Studies point to a strong demand for their products from a wide range of generations that span from boomers to millennials. The company has identified their prime customers as the outgoing types and the adventure seekers.

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The company will showcase their products at an upcoming international event in November where VIPs will have an exclusive preview into the Neuron EV product line. They’re also planning a spread of exhibitions for the public.

Customers always value an authentic brand and they will surely appreciate how Neuron EV works hard in realizing their vision through quality products and unique technology. The company’s efforts are purpose driven, with the ultimate goal of building a community that sparks innovation for a better future.

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