Altigreen And Bolt.Earth Partner To Deploy Electric 3-Wheeler Charging Stations


Altigreen, a leading manufacturer of electric vehicles designed for last-mile applications, has joined forces with Bolt.Earth, a prominent provider of electric vehicle charging infrastructure. Together, they plan to deploy 100 3.3 kW charging stations for electric 3-wheelers within a month, with a more ambitious goal of installing over 5,000 charging points in the next three years.

In India, there has been a growing demand for electric 3-wheelers, particularly in the last-mile delivery sector, where electric 3-wheelers now constitute 21% of the market in the goods category. However, the existing charging infrastructure in the country is inadequate to support this surge in electrification.

The scarcity of easily accessible charging points has led to range anxiety, deterring many fossil-fuel 3-wheeler users from making the switch to electric vehicles. Therefore, this partnership aims to address these challenges by swiftly deploying charging solutions, paving the way for wider adoption of electric 3-wheelers.

Amitabh Saran, Founder & CEO of Altigreen, expressed that the collaboration would boost confidence in electric vehicles by offering accessible and cost-effective charging solutions. By providing convenient and affordable charging infrastructure, they intend to inspire trust in the potential of electric mobility, ultimately integrating it seamlessly into daily life.

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Raghav Bharadwaj, Head of Strategy and Thought Leadership at Bolt.Earth, emphasized their commitment to revolutionizing the global electric vehicle landscape through accessible charging infrastructure. The partnership with Altigreen aligns with their goal of establishing India as a key hub for the electric 3-wheeler market. The alliance ensures hassle-free access to cutting-edge charging facilities for electric auto drivers across the country, contributing to the growth of India’s electric vehicle ecosystem.

As part of their collaboration, Altigreen will engage in promotional activities to educate electric 3-wheeler users about Bolt.Earth’s app, which aids drivers in locating nearby charging stations. In-store and on-the-ground campaigns will further promote the benefits of this partnership. Altogether, Bolt.Earth and Altigreen aim to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles throughout India.

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