Delhi’s Upcoming EV Policy To Prioritize Charging Infrastructure And Incentives – Delhi Transport Commissioner


Delhi’s Transport Commissioner, Ashish Kundra, revealed that the upcoming electric vehicle (EV) policy will prioritize the improvement of charging infrastructure and the expansion of financial support mechanisms for purchase incentives.

The previous EV policy expired on August 8, prompting the Delhi government to extend the Delhi Electric Vehicle (EV) Policy, in 2020.

Speaking at a clean transport summit organized by the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) and the Indian G20 Secretariat, Kundra stated that the government’s new focus will be on achieving an electrification goal, aiming to have 80% of the bus fleet converted to electric by 2025.

He also highlighted that the upcoming EV policy might target a newer vehicle segment, specifically light and medium-duty trucks or goods vehicles used for intra-city operations. Kundra cited examples such as garbage tippers, tankers, and school buses as potential candidates for electrification in the next policy iteration.

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