Flagship ‘F2R’ Event Marks Debut of Oben Rorr Electric Motorcycles in Bengaluru as First 25 Customers Receive Deliveries


Bengaluru-based electric vehicle (EV) startup, Oben Electric, has successfully delivered the initial batch of 25 units of their high-performance electric motorcycle, the Oben Rorr. The Oben Rorr is recognized as one of India’s safest electric two-wheelers. Celebrating this milestone, Oben Electric organized the F2R (First to Rorr) event at their manufacturing facility in Jigani, Bangalore on Sunday, July 9th, 2023. During the event, the company personally handed over the Oben Rorr to their first set of customers. As a token of appreciation, Oben Electric also presented these 25 customers with exclusive Oben Electric merchandise, complementing their new Rorr.

Introducing the Oben Rorr, a performance electric motorcycle that sets new standards with its impressive acceleration of 0-40 kmph in just 3 seconds. As a first-in-segment feature, buyers are entitled to three complimentary services within the first year of ownership. Additionally, the motorcycle comes with a comprehensive warranty of 50,000 km or three years, with the option to extend it to five years or 75,000 km, whichever comes first. Furthermore, customers benefit from a dedicated three-year warranty for the motor, free roadside assistance, and nationwide access to over 12,000 charging stations through Oben Rorr’s charging partners. With these remarkable features and benefits, Oben Rorr guarantees an unparalleled ownership experience for electric motorcycle enthusiasts.

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Since its launch in May 2023, the sales of Oben Rorr have experienced remarkable growth, defying the overall decline in the electric vehicle (EV) industry caused by reduced subsidies. The sales journey began at Oben Rorr’s inaugural experience center located in Bengaluru’s HSR Layout. Despite the challenging market conditions, Oben Rorr has managed to garner significant traction and attract a strong customer base. The impressive sales performance reflects the exceptional appeal and demand for Oben Rorr motorcycles, showcasing their popularity among EV enthusiasts and the broader market.

According to the company, the key factors driving the sales of Oben Rorr include performance better than a 150cc petrol motorcycle, new age design and smart features. Furthermore, the in-house R&D, development & manufacturing of Oben Rorr along with the battery and motor enables Oben Electric to offer competitive pricing of INR 1,49,999 (Ex-Showroom) to its customers. Such attractive pricing comparable to a 150cc petrol motorcycle combined with minimal operational cost makes it easy for customers to switch to electric motorcycles.

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With an impressive total of 21,000 preorders, the EV motorcycle brand is actively expanding its manufacturing capacity, along with plans to open showrooms and service centres in every city and state, solidifying its presence across India. Further, to enable such growth, the company is set to double the team size in the coming months.

Madhumita Agrawal, the visionary Founder and CEO of Oben Electric, shared her overwhelming joy and gratitude on the occasion of delivering the initial batch of 25 Oben Rorr electric motorcycles. She expressed the profound excitement that resonates within the entire Oben Electric team. This significant milestone brings immense satisfaction, knowing that their customers have placed their trust and offered unwavering support throughout this exhilarating journey. Madhumita Agrawal emphasized the achievement as a testament to Oben Electric’s trailblazing innovation in the sustainable electric two-wheeler industry, showcasing their commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is achievable in this field.

Learn more about Oben Electric’s mobility journey at www.obenelectric.com.

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Top Speed100 km/hr
Range187 km (IDC)
Charge Time2 hrs
Acceleration3s (0-40)
Battery4.4 kWh

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