Himachal Pradesh Aims To Become Green Energy State By 2026, Focusing on Electric Vehicle Adoption


Himachal Pradesh government plans to become Green Energy State by 2026 and encourage electric vehicle usage. Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu held a meeting and discussed the relevance of identifying various locations for setting up electric vehicle charging stations.

The Himachal Pradesh state government has set a target to achieve the status of a Green Energy State by March 31, 2026.

To accomplish this objective, the Himachal Pradesh cabinet has approved the Rajiv Gandhi Self-Employment Scheme 2023. Under this scheme, a uniform subsidy of 50% will be provided for the purchase of e-taxis, e-buses, and e-trucks.

The scheme not only offers self-employment opportunities for local youth but also enables government departments to engage electric vehicle, service providers. In order to initiate the development of an electric vehicle ecosystem, the officers of the transport department have been directed to organize a meeting with stakeholders within the next 10 days, as directed by Sukhu.

The chief minister emphasized the state’s commitment to gradually transitioning all government vehicles to electric vehicles and leading the way in promoting green energy.

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