We Are Building A Vertically Integrated EV Platform Connecting Stakeholders To Make EV Deployments Frictionless: Visakh Sasikumar, Co-founder CEO, Fyn Mobility

Visakh Sasikumar, Co-Founder & CEO, Fyn Mobility

Conversation Highlights:

We are rede-fyn-ing logistics, with the help of our EV ecosystem platform.

We enabled all our EVs with IoT integration to track them real time, prevent vandalism and theft and also optimize our routes based on the day to day data we collected from these vehicles.

By giving data driven insights, we have equipped our customers with better know how of their fleet thereby making their delivery operations more efficient

What inspired you to start Fyn Mobility and what motivated you to focus on EV micro mobility services?

Fyn Mobility came to shape during Covid when we saw an opportunity and a high demand in the Last mile connectivity for deliveries. We noticed while the country came to a standstill there was still a need for groceries and the ever expanding e-commerce industry. Having an EV manufacturing background, we took this opportunity and started renting out our 3 wheeler EVs to aggregate grocery deliveries in gated communities. This soon went from apartments to businesses with various sectors reaching out to us for deliveries and Fyn Mobility began.

Getting into the logistics industry, we realized the lack of transparency and data along with high interdependencies leaving the end clients in the dark about their fleet deliveries. We started solving for this through developing an EV ecosystem dashboard that connected all stakeholders together and gave clarity on the deployments, real time tracking and routes of the fleets to our end customers. By giving data driven insights, we have equipped our customers with better know how of their fleet thereby making their delivery operations more efficient.

How have you leveraged emerging technologies to develop innovative mobility solutions that meet the changing needs of customers?

Currently, the logistics industry is traditional and has a lot of interdependencies among vendors leading to lack of efficiency and no transparency in the overall process. We are rede-fyn-ing logistics, with the help of our EV ecosystem platform. We are able to bring our partners, clients as well as our vendors on the same platform to be able to track real time demand and also get timely updates on the status of fleet deployments, along with cross utilization of the EVs.

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We enabled all our EVs with IoT integration to track them real time, prevent vandalism and theft and also optimize our routes based on the day to day data we collected from these vehicles.

in house RnD team and our partnerships with various EV ecosystem startups enables us to explore and innovate for the EV ecosystem. One such partnership allows us to enable rapid charging for our EVs which is a game changer for the Logistics industry.

How does Fyn differ from other players in the micro mobility market?

When we gradually moved our business to the logistics industry, we realised that even the businesses who were adopting EV fleets were facing problems with the EV-as-a-Service ecosystem as this was very new to India.

Safety & trust were a big concern with the EV vehicles catching fires. The EV fleets and their deployments were also not timely and scalable as there was a lack of funds and supply issues. Another factor that contributed to this list was the driver churn along with a lot of interdependencies within the system before the fleets were deployed to the clients. Above all, there seemed to be no clarity in these deployments due to lack of data and no clear timelines.

We built our company not only to solve these issues at hand, but also to create a Sustainable EV-ecosystem with the help of our EV know-how and Technology: We are building a vertically integrated EV Platform connecting stakeholders to make EV deployments frictionless. We are able to bring quality EV Fleets to the roads with our EV know-how & an internal R&D team that helps in intensive testing of these vehicles before they hit the roads.

We are a data driven team and hence bring out smart fleets that are trackable and have automated cross-utilization to maximise the use of each vehicle. With these fleets, Fyn Mobility is able to empower their clients with a dashboard that helps them manage, track and plan the deployments of new fleets into their businesses.

Can you discuss the challenges you have faced and how you have overcome them to achieve success in the competitive micro mobility landscape?

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At the beginning, we had the perception challenge to overcome. When we were manufacturing EVs, the concept was still new in India and not many people understood the long term benefits of choosing EVs over conventional vehicles. While we were working on introducing EV as a solution to India’s pollution problems, the pandemic set in, which on one hand forced people to stay indoors restricting mobility, but on the other hand, opened up the last mile delivery sector for us. We recognized the opportunity at hand that would allow us to deploy a higher number of EVs faster while helping us realize our goals sooner than we anticipated.

As our business continues to grow, there are new challenges we face ranging from hiring delivery partners, safety of our fleets, infrastructure for the EVs being deployed etc. we are able to tackle these challenges through our vertical integrated approach that allows us to not only understand but also find the solutions to these challenges efficiently.

What do you see as the future of EV micro mobility and how is Fyn positioning itself to be at the forefront of this trend?

EVs are here to stay. In some of the developed countries, they have already emerged as a formidable option to fossil fuel run vehicles. As India sets out to achieve its green energy goal, we are already seeing a paradigm shift in the logistics industry. Fyn with its fleet of Low & High speed EVs along with the team’s EV know-how (from our EV manufacturing background) and our EV ecosystem platform is able to give our clients not only a service but also help them make insightful decisions. We are also enabling our fleets with innovative solutions to help increase the efficiency of these fleets.

Can you speak to your vision for Fyn and what you hope to achieve in the next few years?

While 2022 was our base foundation setting year, where we worked towards bringing our stakeholders, partners and team onto our EV platform and also enabled our fleets with IoT to turn them into smart fleets. We will now focus on our goal to cross utilize these EVs with the help of data tracked on our dashboard to achieve maximum efficiency of these fleets. We believe with cross utilization of EVs the overall EV ecosystem will become a sustainable one for the long run.

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In the following years, we aim to spread our smart fleets to major tier 1 & 2 cities and help solve for the bigger picture of efficient logistics with our app and EV Platform. We are currently present in Bangalore and Chennai, while we grow our presence in the current markets; we also plan to enter Mumbai and Hyderabad over the next 18 – 24 months.

Can you tell us about your experience building and scaling a successful business in the EV industry?

The EV industry in India is currently booming and it will continue with its growth momentum in the coming years as well. Being in this industry has definitely been an exciting journey. When we started as EV manufacturers there were a lot of learning’s that we are able to implement in our B2B business.

These learnings have also helped us understand EVs inside out that allows us to deploy the right EV for the multiple business use cases we come across with our various clients.

Being able to cater to a green future with the help of upcoming and innovative technology is something that we find aligning with our teams interests as well. Having a great team that you can trust is also very important, this allows us to make critical decisions as the business expands at a rapid pace

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