EVR Motors Partners With EKA Mobility To Build Electric Motors For Electric Buses

A file photo of EVR Motors Partners With EKA Mobility To Build Electric Motors For Electric Buses

EVR Motors, an Israeli startup, has partnered up with India’s EKA Mobility (a subsidiary of Pinnacle Industries) to create small, lightweight electric motors for electric buses and light commercial vehicles.

EVR will design as well as develop electric motors based on proprietary Trapezoidal Stator-RFPM topology for EKA. EKA will produce these electric motors and integrate them into its vehicles for the Indian market. EVR will help to set up EKA’s assembly plant.

Opher Doron (CEO of EVR Motors) stated that the new agreement with EKA Mobility of India was a result EVR’s increasing offering of electric motors, from two-wheelers as well as three-wheelers, through hybrids to commercial and passenger cars.

EVR’s motors were originally designed for two and three-wheelers. They are also suitable for many other applications. EVR is currently developing motors that can be used in multiple mobility applications, including hybrid vehicles, mild hybrid electric vehicles, and full-battery electric vehicles.

Sudhir Mehta, the Chairman of EKA & Pinnacle Industries. He stated, “Our partnership with EVR Motors in creating a new global community for CV electric mobility solidifies our commitment. We believe that EVR Motors’ breakthrough technology will help us achieve our vision of making EVs more affordable, reliable, viable, and efficient.”

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