Shadowfax Technologies Partners With Mooving To Speed Up EV Adoption In India

A file photo of Mooving Energy Network

Shadowfax Technologies, a tech-enabled logistics platform and Mooving, which is a network that swaps electric vehicle batteries, has joined forces with Shadowfax to speed up EV adoption in India. Both companies want to make it possible for Shadowfax riders to adopt EVs without any risk on the ‘Vehicle As A Service (VAAS) model. This will be powered via battery swapping in 8 Indian metro cities.

The battery swapping model will allow EV users to swap out their old batteries at Mooving swap stations. This service has been offered by Mooving in Bangalore and Delhi-NCR since last year. Shadowfax Technologies plans to convert 75% of its fleet to electric ones by 2024. The company also plans to transition to electric vehicles at 100% by 2026.

Shadowfax and Mooving have partnered together to support the adoption of EVs by 10,000 rider partners using the VAAS model. This is powered by 8 metropolitan cities’ battery swapping. It will be available for deployment in the next 12-15 months, according to Shadowfax. Both companies plan to deploy EVs and swap stations using heat maps data. This will ensure maximum uptime and an enjoyable experience.

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“In Mooving, we have a sincere and long-term partner who has engaged with our team diligently to find practical solutions to increase EV adoption for our rider partners. Their focus on ensuring maximum daily earnings for the riders has further given us the confidence to expand with them on the back of a robust product and network they have built. With this partnership we hope to Fast Track our EV adoption goals,” stated Praharsh Chandra, Co-founder of Shadowfax.

Tanvir Singh, Co-Founder, Mooving, said, “We have spent a long time working closely with the end users in understanding their needs and refining our value proposition and EV Product Stack. Our partnership with Shadowfax opens us to a rapid expansion of our Platform and Battery Swapping network across metros.”

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