Nitin Gadkari Calls For Professionally Managed Public Transport System Based On Electricity In PPA Mode

A file photo of Nitin Gadkari at an event

Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways Shri Nitin Gadkari has said a professionally managed Public transport system based on electricity in public-private partnership (PPA) mode will get a good response. Addressing ‘INSIGHT 2022’: International Conference on Sustainable and Innovative Finance for Green and Healthy Transportation he said capital investment is not an issue if there is a correct model to implement. He said efforts should be made to discourage the use of personal vehicles. Appreciating the London transport model the Minister said people want more comfort at less rate. He proposed the use of a card or QR code-based entry-exit system in place of a physical ticket system in the buses to prevent losses to the bus corporations and promote ease of travelling.

He emphasized that with the coming of electric buses there will be a reduction in pollution and also we will be able to reduce our import of diesel and crude oil.

Shri Gadkari said we are trying to make the automobile industry of 15 lakh crore as this is the industry which has maximum employment potential generating  4 crore jobs in the country and further this industry has given maximum revenue to state and central governments.

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The Minister congratulated  CESL for the tender of 5450 e-buses which is the largest in the world. He said the target should be 5Lakh buses instead of 50000 e-Buses. Shri Gadkari said green Hydrogen is the future of mobility. The minister also proposed setting up of E-road from Delhi to Jaipur. He said alternate fuels, new technologies and innovations in the transport sector must be found for economic viability and sustainable development.

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