EVgo and SJTA Installs New Fast Charging Station on The Atlantic City Expressway


EVgo Inc. the nation’s largest public charging network for electric cars (EVs), and South Jersey Transportation Authority(SJTA), freshly announced the opening of the first EVgo public charging station at milepost 21.3 on the Atlantic City Expressway. The expansion of EVgo’s partnership with transportation agencies has seen the addition of four 200 kW fast-charging stalls. This brings the total number to 17 EVgo-operated stations in the Garden State.

Stephen F. Dougherty, Executive Director of the SJTA, stated that the SJTA is thrilled about our partnership with EVgo and this Farley Travel Plaza’s new charging station will offer EV drivers a reliable and convenient charging option while they travel along the Atlantic City Expressway. This will also support the state’s growing EV registrations. He added that drivers now have another amenity thanks to EVgo. This includes food, ATMs, gift shops, picnic areas, dog walks, and tourist information.

Farley Service Plaza station drivers can start a charging session using either the EVgo app or EVgo program card or even by credit card. EV drivers who create and use an EVgo Account will be able to unlock lower charging rates. They can also earn EVgo Rewards(tm), points that can be redeemed for credit.

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Jonathan Levy (Chief Commercial Officer at EVgo), stated that EVgo recognizes the importance of providing convenient and reliable fast charging for electric vehicles on New Jersey roads. This will allow more EV drivers to travel through South Jersey via the SJTA. “These new EVgo fast-charging stations at the Atlantic City Expressway are a win/win situation, a key component of EVgo’s continued growth and an integral part of the state’s broader electrification goals. They also provide a clear benefit for drivers who want to enjoy the benefits of electric transport.”

This new fast charging station was built in partnership with Nissan and partially funded by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection’s It Pays to Plug In program. It will provide charging infrastructure along a major route in South New Jersey. Governor Phil Murphy had set the goal in 2020 to register 330,000 electric vehicles in New Jersey by 2025, and more than 2,000,000 by 2035. New Jersey had 46,453 registered battery electric vehicles (BEVs), up 61% since 2020. Rapid deployment of charging infrastructure is necessary because of the increasing adoption rate for electric vehicles in New Jersey.

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EVgo’s public charging network in New Jersey includes 54 charging stalls and 46 DC fast-charging stalls. There are also 8 L2 stalls. Six of EVgo’s 17 locations are located within the New Jersey Turnpike Authority’s territory, which includes two of America’s busiest toll roads – the New Jersey Turnpike and the Garden State Parkway.

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