In The Second Quarter Of 2022, Sales Of Battery Electric Vehicles Continued To Expand In The EU – Report

New passenger car registrations in the EU by alternative fuel type

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In the second quarter of 2022, sales of battery electric vehicles continued to expand in the EU, accounting for 9.9% of total passenger car registrations. Plug-in hybrid cars accounted for 8.7% of the market share, up from 8.4% in the second quarter of 2021, despite a decline in the number of units sold. Petrol- and diesel-powered cars suffered significant drops during this three-month period, leading to a contracting market share (55.8% for diesel and petrol combined).

During the second quarter of 2022, registrations of battery electric vehicles (BEV) in the EU grew by 11.1%, reaching 233,413 cars sold. Among the key markets in the region, Spain and France contributed to the positive performance of BEVs, posting double-digit gains (+22.0% and +18.6% respectively). Italy on the other hand posted a substantial loss (‑19.6%), while Germany witnessed slight negative growth (-0.5%).

Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV) expanded their market share during the period, despite a double-digit drop in units sold (-12.5% to 206,501 cars). With the exception of Spain (+11.3%), all key markets posted declines in PHEV sales: France (-17.4%), Germany (-16.9%) and Italy (-6.9%).

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Sales of hybrid electric vehicles (HEV) in the European Union slipped back by 2.2% during the second quarter of the year. However, due to the significant drop in sales of conventionally-fuelled cars, HEVs expanded their overall market share (22.6%). The four main markets in the region recorded mixed results. France and Spain posted growth (+7.2% and +2.7%, respectively). Italy and Germany on the other hand witnessed declines (-9.3% and -6.5%, respectively).

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